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    zombie add to the Underground ? why Not...
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    Oh Zombie that sounds good

    And I believe on u guys .. I know if u r gonna add zombies it'll be perfect.

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    Glitch for Question re: Survival

    I selected other; however, no matter what I wrote it would not let me submit. Yes, I kept it within 50 characters as well.
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    Its not Call of Duty. Lets try and keep the game as real as possible and less fantasy ********.
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    My ultimate dream for the Division is for more advanced version of level 1-30 in the late game.

    Mass player interaction and cooperation

    Increase the RPG aspect of the game. More customization, gear visuals through design and effects, more creative skills, and more ability to mix and match gear to get kool effects.
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    All year 2 content is free for everybody.
    Spending a bunch of time and resources on Underground,Last Stand and Survival would make that statement an instant lie.

    Just sayin'
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    Originally Posted by GeoffB12 Go to original post
    Great survey. One thing I'd like to add. I don't have a problem with a GS increase, IF, there is a way to increase the GS of Exotics. Exotics are the only reason why I don't want a GS increase.

    Maybe, dismantle an exotic get 1 "exotic part". Use 5 exotic parts to level up an Exotic weapon.

    Just a thought.

    Nice idea!. i agree.
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    if you want to attract more players make an anti cheat to this game its like you guys dont give a damn about cheating in this game
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    i agree with you but thats not possible at this point maybe in the division 2 and the dev must focus in creating a solid anti cheat. having a huge amount of cheaters in game is not good and not fun at all
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    Please save the game from mass cheating. In asian servers majority of the players are cheating here are some of the famous cheaters 1.amazingnewbie 2.beha 3.wanted group and many more its like you guys dont give a damn about the mass cheating in the game
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