Hi. I would like to know if there are any plans to bring a simple PS4 Pro patch for Watch Dogs 1? Something simple to at least have the game running natively at 1080p with the max settings possible. I know 60fps is out of the question, but even a resolution bump to 1080p, with the most ultra settings possible and at 30fps, it will make the game look a lot better than how it currently looks on the PS4.

I also play this game on PC, which is capable of doing more than that, but now that the hardware is there for the PS4, could a simple patch be made available? I'm not asking for some 1800p checkerboaring or whatever other solutions, just a simple 1080p update with the max settings possible on that machine.

Will Ubisoft update the first for a PS4 Pro patch or will this game be left as is, even though the newer hardware is there?