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    Nobushi OP, why don't you fix it? On purpose?

    Hey Ubisoft, I constantly ask you why you disadvantage the Knights so much.
    Here is another example: the Nobushi deals INSANE bleeding damage with every(?) attack. The PC on the other hand, just got her bleeding damage ridicoulously reduced BUT has to grab successfully and then, to deal the maximum bleeding damage, has to click a pretty tricky timing..

    do you really not notice stuff like that??

    Or why can a Valkyr spam attacks like crazy, which throwing you to the ground, then do 2-3 hits before you even can get up?
    You just hate the Knights, do you`?
    Lucky you have your little fanboy ensemble crying out so much that it all is not unfair or unbalanced at all.. ofc they only play those OP chars and don't want to loose their advantages.
    Kinda fit you Ubi. In near future you will be only making games for those few teenagers who don't avoid Ubi games. But thats what you get.
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    If this is a troll, it's not even close to be funny
    If it's not a troll: W-O-W
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    Hate the knight? You have the broken Centurion lol....
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    Originally Posted by JoeyTwoHands Go to original post
    crying out so much.
    So you got killed by Nobushi and then cry that she's OP.
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    Hows the Nobushi OP? because of bleed damage? That's ridiculous. Her attacks are slow enough to be blocked or parried, her health pool is small enough to get wrecked within seconds. She has some very effective moves in her kit, but she also has good weaknesses to make up for her strengths. Why is the Nobushi's damage potential so high? why is she able to cancel light attacks, apply bleed damage and do all that crazy stuff? Because she sucks at defense. Get close enough to her and she is rendered defenseless. Being terrifying is her game, once she fails to keep her distance and scare the enemy away with bleed procks, she has nothing but her hidden stance left. And said hidden stance is easy to **** up. feint, guardbreak, do something to bait it out or make it useless. You won the battle.

    And If you want some advice before you cry in another corner, Let me try to help you out here.

    1. how do you close the gap? That's the most difficult task, because she excels at keeping the distance. But every type of hero has a tool to close gaps. Assassins have the easiest time here, they have their deflect. If you can't deflect as an assassin, you are not very good at your job, so better start learning. If you deflect any of the Nobushi's attacks, you have sucessfully closed the gap, you are right inside of her face. Not only that, but you even get a free hit for it. Heavy heroes have a harder time with gap closing, but it is far from Impossible. The warlord has his priority jump attack, this is not a good idea though because it begs to get parried. The better move here, is to parry her attack, and dash/dodge forward. If she tries to dodge backwards, chase her with a dash of your own. Now she will panick and try to attack. She will most likely try to use her viper's retreat, or what ever it's called. You know, the move wher she does a bleed attack from above while moving backwards at the same time? The best answer to this, will be a dash to the side. just dodge it. The huge recovery time on this move will allow you to get a free hit, no matter which one you choose. I suggest a guardbreak. If she tries to use another normal light attack, do the same thing. Parrying will actually recover her distance and you will start at the same spot again. The Conqueror, the most underpowered class next to the Raider, does have a superior block. every block will cause a long recovery time, which will allow you to forward dash. the next attack, again, should be dodged. The Shugoki Is the most immobile of the heavy heroes, but he doesn not need to close any gaps at all. He just needs to trade lights with his heavy, and block heavies because he doesn't get a direct counter against heavies. Now for the rest of the heroes, the vanguards and the other hybrids. Raider and Kensei, can just parry into guardbreak. thei'r guardbreak will close the gap automatically if they use it out of parry. The Warden, seems to suck at gap closing on first glance, but his forward dash, has higher reach than other dashes. Allthough it is a little slower. Once the Warden gets a parry on Nobushi, he can just forward dash and will immediately stand in the Nobushi's face. The valkyrie, can use her backstep into shield bash, or she can play the same game the warlord and the conqueror play, parry the first attack, forward dash, dodge the second attack. And the valkyrie has the fastest jump attack, sometimes this might work as well. The centurion, well I don't know how to play him yet because I don't have a season pass. But I'm guessing he can use charged heavies, jump attacks, and parries/dashes like the warlord, valkyrie and conqueror.

    2. what to do after gapclosing.
    This is where the fun beginns, because the nobushi has her hidden stance that actually works since 1.5. You can't just spamm some light attacks once you got close to her. She can block/parry, allthough she won't do it because her guardswitch is ****ing slow. She will most likely wait for an attack and get into hidden stance, hoping to get an easy counter. And in case you use a chain attack, she candodge out of her hidden stance, whick allows her to evade two attacks and than parry the third. What do you do against this hidden stance? you bait it out. Use a faint or some other mind game to bait her hidden stance. Once she is inside of said stance, go for a guardbreak to stop her from dashing away.

    3. How to stop the nobushi from turtling
    The nobushi is constantly trying to keep her distance. This will make her dash away a lot. And If a Nobushi doesn't attack you, you can't really close up to her. Right? Yes, that is right. But the nobushi want's you to die aswell. If she constantly keeps on doing nothing, she won't ever get a parry, because the distance will make her opponent unable to attack. you can't parry attacks that are to far away from you. The best method to break a Nobushi's defense, is to make her unpatient. Walk towards her, doing nothing but staring at her. Don't loose your own patience, because if you miss an attack, you'll be punished for it. Just keep walking towards her, until she runs out of space to move. She is a zoner, once you take her movement space you will invade her zone and put her at a disadvantage. If she wants to prevent that from happening, she will attack eventually.
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    Dude... What? Nobushi needs buffs.
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    okay, yeah, just no. I'm a member of the Knights. My pk is level four and is still say that bleed timing is easy.
    Als, to beat the spear characters for Vikings and samurai (which compare to the lawbringer, not the pk) you just have to parry.

    bottom line, YOU SUCK
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    Nobushi op????????????? lol its most up character now in game.All her attack can be easy block or parried she have with shugoki most crap dodge in game (almost impossible dodge shinobi kick).Her hidden stance is so slow and useless its safer block or parry.
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    Nobushi has the benefit of range, while Centurion is limited to short range and all of his attacks are easily noticeable. Kick? Nobushi swerves around that. Light? She blocks that from a distance. Heavy? She parries that easily. Any jump attack is easily dodged or parried, and any charging attack is easily dodged. Plus the damage she deals is absolutely insane with all the constant bleed, runaway, bleed, runaway
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    I main Nobushi and I can successfully say that Nobushi is by far bottomest of bottom tier. All her attacks can easily be parried. Her top light is as slow as her heavy attacks. Her bleeds can all be blocked or dodged. Unlike Shinobi, Nobushi's kick can be interrupted with a hit. Shinobi's kick can't be interrupted and you still get knocked back. It's not a trade worth in Shinobi's POV but still. Also, Valkyrie can spam attacks in all directions. Nobushi, cannot. Nobushi can barely land any attacks unless she reacts to anything. And I've been saying this since closed beta. Nobushi is strictly reactive. You can't go full offensive without getting punished for it. Turtle? Maybe a little. Reactive, very. Especially Viper's Retreat if you have a read on your opponent. OP? Absolutely not. In fact, very underpowered. I'm loyal to my Nobushi and even if she gets nerfed AGAIN because of whiners like you, I'm STILL gonna put her in tournaments and get my *** handed to me. You wanna talk about OP, how about Centurion, like LB he can completely drain your stamina and keep it down. He's got so many unblockables it's ridiculous. You wanna talk about OP, how about Peacekeeper still. Unless you're like iSkys where you can parry lights whenever the f*ck you want, you're gonna get Light spammed out of everything you try to do and lose. The GB > R1 R1 R1? Was barely nerfed. A total of 4 points decreased in overall bleed damage. Four. Nobushi's just stacks. And it's like that because of how slow it is. You still wanna chat about OP? If you deflect with Shinobi, it's a free bleed, and a free R1 if you're quick with it. How about Shugoki? Hyperarmor and a charged R2, you're basically done. How about Warden. Shoulder Bash can be cancelled into a Guardbreak. So if you sidestep the Shoulder Bash, you're gonna get GB'd and receive a free heavy. Valkyrie is almost as bad with Light spam. Sweep you off your feet, get a free heavy. For a spear user, Valkyrie is TOO fast. Lawbringer, if you neutral guard anything, you get a shove and most of the time a free light or heavy of the other guy is sleeping. Warlord, all guard > light. Headbutt > Light. Heavies can't be interrupted unless parried. Lights are superior. How about the new Raider update? The only unblockable attack Raider has can now be cancelled into Stunning Tap just by hitting light attack. That's a true 50/50. You can either, attempt to parry the unblockable and take a top light, or you can think there's gonna be a top light coming and take the full unblockable.

    Bottom line, Nobushi is so far from overpowered, it's depressing. The best class to counter Nobushi with is Shinobi. Nobushi is good at mid-range. Shinobi is good at close, mid, and long range. So. I've put out a ton of posts about Nobushi requiring buffs, but the only thing that's actually happened are a bunch of nerfs.
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