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    My approach to exteme mode, solo

    Do you find the game to be quite easy after a while?
    After finishing the game on Regular mode and (almost) on Advanced mode, I've made a new character for extreme mode.

    Please note that your current difficulty setting counts for all your characters! But luckily you can change it back all the time and the change is almost instantaneous.
    *It would be nice to play on Extreme with one character, and then loading a different character who had an easier level without having to change the difficulty back, but it's not a huge problem. Just need to remember to change it back!

    My approach to Extreme mode, playing solo:

    It's all about preparation!

    I figured it would be a lot easier to do missions with the best equiptment and skills, so my first objective was to complete these three tasks:
    *clear the entire map. This took around 2,5-3 hours of flying a little plane around the map, avoiding missiles. The key is to fly high up, but dive bomb on particular areas to "unlock" them, which is handy for future fast travel. Also, the map then tells you where the intel/lieutenants are - handy for locating skill points and resource missions!

    *obtain the best weapons. This took another few hours, but it's worth it. In short, I prefer to use the Vector SMG, the HTI sniper and the 5.7 USG. While you're in Montuyoc getting the HTI, you might as well get the TAR-21 assault riffle too. Next up is attachments: foregrip V4, PK-AS scope for close combat, T5Xi tactical scope for sniping, extended magazines, is basically all you need. I don't bother with shotguns much in this game.

    *lastly: skill upgrades. You will need to collect skills points and resources for this. This is why it's handy to clear the map. I found the most efficient way to fast travel to the 4 and 5 star regions, collect the skill points that give you 5 or 3 skills points at once, and take down the 5000 resource convoys for the biggest gains. The skills I upgrade first are (in approximately this order): extra sync shot, stable aim, bullet resistance, drone battery and range, stamina, vehicle destruction, car shield, and after that it doesn't make much of a difference... the parachute is fun, but not necessary until later. I suppose the drone and squad skills are next, like stealth and resilience. And obviously some skills can't be upgraded until you reach a certain level. I make sure to have plenty of skill points and resources for the moment that these skills become available: advanced suppressor, time to aim, detection, and whatever your heart desires...

    And then I started doing missions, followng the story.

    There are some highly noticable changes in extreme mode.
    *no colour/glow in the mini map. Don't be fooled, the enemy is there, but they don't show up on your mini map (if you even use the HUB) until you spot them. Frequent use of the drone is advised!
    *once you know the precise location of your objective, and have spotted a decent number of enemies who stand in your way (careful, you might not have spotted them all!) then that's half the work done. Enemies in Extreme mode are a lot more alert, you have far less time to react once you're spotted, they are more skilled gunmen and you are less strong - hence the need for the best weapons and bullet resistance skill from the start.

    So, now I'm looking for a group of badasses to complete the game in extreme mode. Preferably players who have already cleared the map and got the weapons/skills. I've only completed the first region by now. MY PSN ID: Timbo--84.
    Feel free to add me!
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    Hey brother - check out my post and Task Force and see if you want to run ops. Hit me on PSN W1nEmAll if this sounds like a fit for you.


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    "fast travel" is where you lost me
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    Nice, Timbo! This was a super thorough overview and I could definitely see it as a solo guide. Hope some players jump on board!
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