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    We are always listening! I have passed this on but more information would be very helpful.

    • Are you able to reproduce this (I.E does. it happen every game on DZ9) or does it happen seemingly at random?
    • Are you experiencing this on other maps with the same frequency/lower frequency?
    • Is it exclusive to Last Stand?

    / Johan
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    It's been over a week since I've posted. I saw that you replaced Gabe. I just crashed in DZ 9 of The Last Stand. 1:25pm est. It happens frequently which I have explained many times. No one would ever get anything done if I posted every time it glitched. I use the 3.4 scope on Deadeye and it freezes the game. That's the only thing I can narrow it down to. My damage doesn't register at least half a dozen time though the day. Agent's put me down before I even know they're there. The lag is stupid. How am I suppose to play 1) when the game freezes and kicks me 2) when I am on a street all by myself in my world then instantly die and then the agent's that killed me appear. 3) damage doesn't register. I have over 3k hours according to Xbox and 2k hours according to ubisoft. The state of the game is dire. It's the worst it's ever been. I've been here since day 1. I've done everything there is to do and I play with a group of dedicated friends daily. This isn't a new problem and you all can't deny that you are unaware. It's all over Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch and this forum AND IN GAME CHAT !!! I watched the 2013 E3 trailer yesterday to remind me why I play the game. Somewhere between this game making a half a billion dollars and today it's went to ****. I don't care about OP gear sets. I've lived through the Tanktichian, the one shot m870 alpha shotty, sticky bomb and now the seeker, I've lived through a G36 nerf, 6 piece Sentry and Striker fiasco and many more blunders, while I've patiently waited with hope that each patch or update would fix the revive glitch, damage not registering, teleporting npc's, mile long shotgun range,curving bullets that kill you around the corner and every other thing that's been broken but how am I suppose to play against disappearing and reappearing enemies? How am I suppose to shoot when I'm running in place? How am I supposed to play when the game freezes? And the exploding head ******** that is getting ready to drop in 1.7 is another conversation for another day !!! I mean really, has the team lost it's way and vision of what this game is supposed to be AND COULD BE? Someone that's in charge needs to watch that E3 trailer again. I feel like this game is being run into the ground like COD was 4 or 5 years ago. You have a chance to win the Destiny, BF and COD crowd, you have a chance to squash the Anthem hype. I just don't understand how a game that is loved by so many , that's as beautifully designed, with such a modern day concept that everyone wants, can just be ran in the ground or forgot about. The game has been broken since day 1 but since 1.6 dropped it's unplayable. Yes it freezes, yes it lags, no it's not confined to one map, the revive doesn't work, defib doesn't work, you die before you see an enemy it's all over the game !!! I've given you all the information that I can. I can handle each OP patch meta but I can't handle broken mechanics and lag. Feel free to ask me anything and I'll try to report what I can.
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    Just Froze DZ 9 Last Stand 6 am est. Another horrible night of lag, disappearing and reappearing rogue's and npc's. I watched STOG very interesting that we are getting more content before the core mechanics are fixed. It's like buying a used car with no engine and getting it painted first. . I just can't wrap my mind around all the time, energy, different studio's and developer's that love this game so much and yet it's still broken. I have a few friends that are truly dedicated pvp player's and just to listen to them complain from a pvp stand point translates to the same complaint's that the pve player's have as well. You are losing to yourself !!! BF, COD, Destiny and soon to be Anthem and Player's Unknown can't beat this game if it runs how it's supposed to run but they will take our community if we don't stop shooting ourselves in the foot. You are the smart one's, you made it, coded it, designed it and make a very nice living off of it I'm sure, all I did was buy it with the expectation to play it and frankly right this minute more so now than ever it's unplayable. We don't need more shinny object's or bells and whistle's, we need the game fixed. We'll play the game, we'll buy the clothes from the appearance vendor, we'll buy the division 2, we'll watch the movie but for goodness sake's I'm begging you to fix the game I bought on March 8th 2016. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for all the new content, Hell I would have bought everything that you are releasing this year for free !!! Thank you for such a wonderful concept and game but please just fix it.
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