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    Pay to Win after Paying $60 for the game

    The game is far from a perfect game and beyond that, instead of Ubisoft rewarding those who payed sixty dollars for their game and stood by it, they attempt to leech more money out of their consumers by giving them the alternative to buy season passes to get early access...and those who decide not to pay the extrat fourty dollars (on top of the 59.99) get to enjoy getting destroyed by new classes that they have no access to...glad I gave you chance...#neveragainubisoft
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    Pay to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After I fell in love with this game in beta they released 2 Season pass classes that are so broken that it's almost a free win in a 1v1
    far to mobile, broken damage and a kit full of unblockables..... #paytowinisfun #neveragainubisoft+1
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    This forum is for the Uplay PC Client.
    Your post would be better suited to the forum for the respective game you're referring to.

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