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    .7 is terrible, i'm not great at the game lvl90 but only have had one account and my kd is 1.3. I think you're the common denominator, bud, you're just as nooby as your teammates that you despise. I got to gold solo quing you got to copper solo quing. Sometimes if i don't get 3-4 a kills a round my team will not win. Can you consistently get 3-4 kills a round? Cuz that's what determines placing good rank in ranked whether you can consitently get MVP regardless of your teammates. Sorry bud, i think you're just bad. And there's nothing wrong with that!
    no there is my screenshots bud.. 0.7 isn't terrible..i kill people of 1.6 don't talk a lot because you didn't see me playing it and understand my words....i was on silver 4 read my stats..silver 4 when just i was lvl i think you must think again of players we have may be that 1.3 because of your team helps you out to kill or you may steal your teammates injuries..i can get at least 4 kills each 2 rounds or 6 kills in two rounds..based on the enemy's skill which is facing me..think again..r6 have many players who deserve higher ranks but these noobs will never leave the game alone..
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    The matchmaking should go off levels.
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