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Now, speaking about this, it brings up another thing - ramming. There are players who ram at any cost. This can aslo be solved with a mechanic that already is in the game (damage meter). It would comprehend both side, but at least, it would not be a way to win. Also, it would encourage players to drive clean in any sense (not crashing into walls and trafic and etc.)
Sorry for little offtop,
I usually don't participate in such things, but since I've had a "pleaseure" to have one race with you - P6tu, you are a "good" example of mad rammer. Who constantly pick collision and ramming everything that moves.
What is wrong with you? You can't drive clean, you ram, you use BOT everywhere, you use every possible glitch everywhere... I don't get you at all and here you complain about rammers

Now, to topic. Yeah, shortcuts are fine in arcade racing game. It's indeed.

With best regards, Akor