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    The crew 2


    I want ask Ubisoft please when you later will do payed dlc PRETTY PLEASE this dlc also have support new trophy because when we must pay for this and no new trophy it's very bad , motivation zero buy another dlc

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    Great, Ivory tower has amazing devs who care a lot about the game they make and also listens to wishes of the community. The only downsides is that they're probably working on a rather limited budget. I rarely pre-order games and even rarely buy games at full price, but I'm happy to make an exception for Ivory tower.
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    [QUOTE=Gargie396;12649245]So this mean the headlights and rain will finely be fixed?

    Whats wrong with the headlights and rain?
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    No reset to start new game?

    Originally Posted by Ubi-Gaidheal Go to original post

    Beyond the road... Stay with us for more high octane thrills!
    I enjoyed Crew 1 but wanted to start fresh and replay from the beginning, even after purchasing all of the season passes. I will wait this one out.
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    Yep, a lot of people wanted a reset for The Crew, myself included.
    We need more save slots, so we can switch between a 'finished' game, but still play it, like The Crew is today, and able to switch to another save and start a new game. AND it has to be able to switch between the 2, and still have them and not overwrite the other.

    I bet TC2 will be on the Wildlands game, so they dont have to make another engine.
    And, if it is, the driving physics will be 10x worse than they are now.

    I also hope they dont give in to the whiners who want it to be a sim game.
    There are enough sim games out, but not enough games like TC which are in-between, AND a good game.
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    Can it be more like Forza and less like Mariokart?
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    Play Next Car Game/Wreckfest if you want a more sim and 'realistic' physics based game (although TC had good physics at the very first compared to how it is now. they messed physics up badly with every new patch and mode in TC) (also, imo, TC was less mario kart at 1st, then got messed up more and more with patches. But, I like how the driving is, you dont need a wheel to play it, and it handles well on keyboard) (not trying to insult you, it sounds like you may actually like Wreckfest):

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    The title of this thread very interesting for me, after The Crew's failed patches and DLCs i don't think the same dev group can make a perfect game. Alot of bugs and connection problems in The Crew, i think 10+ years ago the Motor City Online had less connection problems than The Crew in 2017. BUMM No words to explain this shame. They released an unfinished crap then now they just announced the next part of it, for me it's only mean they just want more money, thats all. But we all waiting for the release, i will spectate some months before i buy it, if i will buy it but i don't sure.
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    I agree!

    Originally Posted by brady2827 Go to original post
    If you want The Crew 2 to be better than the first game, do one simple thing: don't impose the Always-On DRM for it, and give us the ability to pause the game in most areas. No Always-On DRM, plus the ability to pause the game in most areas, equals better views for the game.

    But given Ubisoft's reputation recently - with it's continued focus on Online-Only games (signalling the end of the free world of videogames) - who knows.
    Please Ubisoft add offline play to The Crew 2!
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    To reiterate what others have said....

    I hope Ubisoft has given this new project an awful lot of thought and particular attention to..........

    a) the pricing structure with reference to the loyal players of nearly 3 years and who have spent £100 or euros on the game
    b) the fact that after nearly 3 years, bugs, glithces and design faults still exist that should not.
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