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    Suggestion: New game mode "Arena'/'Gladiator fights'

    Hello, gentlemen. Here's what Russian FH community decided to purpose: the new game mode called "Arena" or "Gladiator fights"

    Mode description:

    Deathmatch. Elimination game. There are no respawns. Equipment stats are On. Revenge is On. Bots are off. It's impossible to leave a match before it ends. In case of lag issues or disconnect, player's character remains in the game.

    Mode is designed for 8 players, Free For All = there are no teams and it's impossible to join the game as a group. The main goal is to kill all other opponents and to become the last survivior.

    All players start at the same time at the different sides of the arena. Each player can see the other ones.

    To prevent stalling the game or retreating from the combat these restrictions should be made:

    Option 1: Time limit is 5 minutes. If there's still remains more than 1 player, the one who dealt the most damage becomes the winner.

    Option 2: There is no time limit. The winner is the last survivior.

    3 minutes into a match game map starts to decrease in size via hidden traps, arena walls moving to the center, area attacks by archers on the walls and so on.

    Implementation of this game mode in the multiplayer and singleplayer modes.

    The war hasn't stopped after Appolyon's death. Leaders of each faction were made sure that even in their war there's still a place for honorable combat and For Honor.

    They decided to organize the ever-lasting fights between each faction best fighters which will be held monthly in each faction's capital. The winner gets to hold the title of the Champion, glory and fame.

    Described game mode could be implimented as a Special event. This event lasts a week and uses the standard Event rating system. At the end of this Event there's a 7 day timeout. Next event takes place in next faction's capital, cycling between them.

    Maps that are suited for this mode:

    All maps are shaped as an close-spaced arenas:

    Knights Faction - the Colosseum

    Samurai Faction - the Imperial Palace

    Vikings Faction - the arena specially built in the forest or on the coast

    There are hidden traps like wall spikes and trap doors on Knights and Samurai maps and fire pits and spears on the Vikings map.

    The Rewards:

    Since this is a rating-based Event, it's only logical to make rating-based Rewards for it:

    Rank 100-50 in the Event rating = 100 steel
    Rank 50-30 = 150 steel
    Rank 30-10 = 200 steel
    Rank 10-4 = 250 steel
    3rd place = 250 steel and 1 premium chest
    2nd place = 300 steel and 1 premium chest
    1st place = 500 steel and 1 premium chest, a unique ornament "Champion of the Arena" for a character with which the event was won, tattoo or a symbol "Champion of the Arena".
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    That sounds great
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    But probably it will not be bad to add 4 an 8 players mods. Not only 8.
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    it is a great idea
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    Sounds excellent. I'd also like something of an elimination mode where everyone plays alone, but each is locked in a cage for one on one fights. As you win, you cage opens to a new cage where the winner of an adjacent fight also enters. Cages keep opening as players win each one on one battle. Win and you move into the next fight.

    Problem is, they've made the game peer to peer and as people leave (no point sticking around through multiple fights once you're dead), it could cause the game to crash. Same would happen for your arena mode. If some dies early, they'll just exit the game (they'll just close it if there is no exit game option). And fair enough, no one wants to sit through minutes of other people playing while the game finishes.

    I really think their use of peer to peer will limit anything cool like this being implemented. It is a shame because it would add new modes that stop the player group shrinking, but hey, they chose peer to peer. It's their own fault.
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    im talking about a game mode like this since the game came out !!! .. have we allready played togheter and you stole my idea !? ...lollllll

    nah lol for real thanks for posting this i would LOVE to see that mode in the game !!!
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    The idea is very nice, however there should be a countermeasure against players who choose to team up and fight other players, probably the main reason there isn't FFA.

    But on the other hand if there's no teaming, then there's no reviving, so you could just use revenge to your advantage, but there still should be a countermeasure, there's only so much revenge can do.
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    That's outstanding I'd play the hell out of that.
    The impression I've gotten from Ubisoft MONTREAL though, however albeit unfortunate, is that they would absolutely lessen the "Steel rewards".

    Because of the post launch stability problems that had gone unresolved, in contrast to what appeared to be Ubi Montreal's "set plan for microtransaction revenue" in this game, they've lost a huge amount of players after the three months of "stability errors, matchmaking failures, and ADVANCED-peer-to-peer consequences".

    So what ever Ubi Montreal had projected as its demographic revenue for this game has not only failed to meet their expectations, it is now way WAY below what they hoped for after much of the player base dropped off the edges of the planet out of sight because of the three months of aforementioned connection code problems.

    I'm loving the combat in this game.
    I honestly can't get enough of it.
    At this juncture, due to the vast majority of the player base (all 33 players on my friends list except for 2 either traded in, or sold the game completely because of the aforementioned connection issues) leaving, in my opinion it would be in the best interest of broadening the player base and KEEPING what's left of it by not only ADDING this game mode you've mentioned but also adding others like it on top of DOUBLING the steel rewards for the other pre existing modes.

    If Ubi Montreal doesn't want to lose players still playing they need to do the following:

    •FIX the still existing connection issues that the majority of are clearly "Ubi Montreals coding".
    •Re-initiate the X1 DVR functionality as soon as possible (video clips of gameplay are in and of itself "Advertising", Ubi Montreal have effectively neutered so SO much of their console communitys ability to advertise this game because of stability issues AND the X1 DVR shut down).
    •Permanently double the steel rewards for game modes to make the game more rewarding overall, so newcomers are effectively experiencing a more rewarding game. AND current community isn't continuing to leave.
    •Increase the amount of contracts by 3-4 more regularly.
    •And if YOU (Ubi Montreal) couldn't fix the stability/mm/connection issues for the "ADVANCED-peer-to-peer" by now, fire who ever it is that couldn't get it done in three months... who ever it is that couldn't get it done has literally cost this game thousands of players, millions in possible demographic financial revenue, AND any hope for a plausibly better received sequel. Why they weren't fired and replaced after two months is god awful.
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    Sounds great. Does this mean there will be no edges for those sad individuals to wait around and push people off of?

    I'd like that.
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    That's awesome! they could also implement other game modes such as King of the Hill and a 6 person Free for All.
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