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    Loadout items stuck in inventory, unable to stash

    I had two loadouts saved on Character A.

    I wanted to transfer all my loadouts to Character B given that we now have the bag space to do so.

    I deposited the items from Character A into stash. I received the notification "This is part of your character's loadout." Confirm and stash.

    On Character B, I withdrew all the items and started making my loadouts.

    After my loadouts were created, I went to stash to deposit all the stuff I had not used.

    While depositing, I received notification on three items that were part of Character A's loadout, but didn't make it into the final loadouts on Character B that "These are part of another character's loadout. Removing them will permanently remove them from that character's loadout."

    I hit accept, but the item will not go into my stash. It is stuck in my inventory. I can deconstruct, but CANNOT deposit the item.

    To recreate:

    Equip item on Character A and save loadout.

    Deposit item into Stash from Character A.

    Go on Character B, withdraw that item from Stash.

    Deposit that item from Character B back to Stash (this is where the issue happens and the item is now stuck in Character B's inventory.

    Edit: I uploaded an image to the message I receive while putting item from Character B into stash that errors.

    It seems to be thinking I am trying to pull from Stash a second time so it won't deposit.
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    Thanks for the detailed report. I will bring it up.

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