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    no serials

    I bought this game and did not get the serials required to make an online account.
    neither did a friend.
    It was also a pain to try and login.
    You need to look up your old username in https://account.ubisoft.com, and use that to login in the game when you create an online profile.
    Then you can login and get a prompt with a serial key that I did not get when buying in uplay.
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    still a thing?

    so... is this a regular thing?

    2 hours ago I was happily playing multiplayer in LAN and now I cannot play a LAN-Match (a LOCAL multiplayer-match) because the authentication fails. Because I have to connect to Ubisoft's ****ty servers to play a game that is 8 years old in a LOCAL SESSION! so now I'm sitting here and spend my time googling because customer service is taking forever.

    Is this going to be better in the future? Or do I just have to live with this. Because in that case a cracked version with tunngle looks a million times more tempting... just saying...
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    Still not fixed? Broken games can be refunded right?

    I bought Anno1404 to play with a freidn, my friend have this problem that is descriped here in this thread, no solutions to find anywhere.

    Is this still a common issue? will ubisoft support help me friend so we can play? If yes to the first and no to the latter, I will get a refund and not buy Ubisoft products ever again, please respond post haste.
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    I've got this exact problem too, me and a buddy just bought it to play online and we get in, sort out our online profiles, and then no matter what we do the internet option just says "cannot connect to multiplayer server". Thankfully I bought it through steam so I can return it for a refund, but if this issue is going to be fixed I'd happily buy it again!
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