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    <span class="ev_code_RED">Bumping old threads to spam is a big no no, lets see no more of that thank you.</span>
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    oh ****

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    Engine fire? WHAT ENGINE

    Seriously tho, its me getting too low and providing a wonderful target for the ground troops.

    Just resized from 1920x1200, i had to reinstall after upgrading to Vista64, so no mods yet... this is just box stock, LOMAC with FC and the patch.
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    Download the terrain at lockonfiles

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    Hi! This are a couple of some of my screenshots. They were all edited. Take a look to a few more in this link:


    I'm flying as number two doing some formation training.

    Another formation training as number two

    The beautiful Su-27 flying over the beautiful Nevada landscape

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    Those are some neato pics, Redbat.

    I've just started playing, and I'm enjoying the slower pleasures of CAS. This is my first screenshot, and I quite like it:

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