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    Tapjoy does not give rewards.

    Tapjoy doesn't give rewards, not even a simple watch a video and get 1 gem.
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    Hey CADZILLA - sorry about that, we’ll look into this issue and let you know on updates for the same.
    Also, do check your PM - we might need some information from your end
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    Same here (no Tapjoy rewards). And about 50% of the videos I watch (say, to speed up bike upgrades) are the same videos that Tapjoy rewards are ever given whether it's an hour off your bike upgrade, GTs, coins, or gems.
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    No gems from tapjoy

    Recently installed an app through trials frontier, emailed tapjoy and they confirmed that I had done everything to get gems but still no gems
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    Same here, no rewards at all from the Rewarded Offers section.
    It has been months. Still no progress.
    I'm on iOS
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    Me too after updating TF, Tapjoy - Rewards like Download the App and Run to get Rewards deosn't seem to work. I have to contact support of Tapjoy every time to get the Gems in TF Game.

    This new update is worse! the Game now crashes frequently, getting Ads after completing Slot Machine Mission also getting Ads in the Bunker and Tapjoy Rewards are also not working.

    Great! the last ver was much better, RL Dev's kindly fix the BUG's! so that we can enjoy playing the Game.
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    Tapjoy does not give rewards

    Yeah Iím in that boat too. I have sent them a request about it and they said that I have received the reward and I still havenít. I sent them another email stating that I hadnít received any rewards and I havenít heard back from them
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    Tapjoy doesn't give rewards, not even a simple watch a video or install an app.
    T.F. 5.7.0 iPhone 7 iOS 10.3.2
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    Hasn't worked properly in ages....never gets fixed and game developers don't give a flying .... about it!!
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