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    Which is your playing style?

    Hello every one.

    I think it would be very interesting to know how you guys play For Honor with your main characters on 4vs4 game modes.

    To serve as an example, I will begin:

    *Most played 4vs4 game mode: Dominion.
    * Main character: Warlord.
    * Feats:
    • Dadly (passive/atack deal more dmg)
    • Flesh Wound (passive/gains moderated dmg reduction)
    • Tough as Nails (passive/ raise max health)
    • Fire flask (projectile that creates fire effect on an area)

    • Max atack
    • High defence
    • Low stamina cost reduction.

    • Max revenge gain by injurie.
    • High revenge mode atack.
    • Short throw distance.

    • Max revenge gain by defence.
    • High revenge mode defence.
    • Low cooldown reduction.

    • Max exhaustion recovery
    • High revenge mode duration
    • Low debuff resistance.

    • Max stamina regen.
    • High block dmg resistance.
    • Low revive speed.

    *Role: I consider my self a very good dueler and as a Warlord my role on Dominum games is to protect A or B during the entire match. I am a slow high dmg tank with a build designed to be able to recive a huge amount of dmg, something very necesary because most of the times i see my self fighting vs 2 or 3 oponents at the same time. Thats the reason why i also maxed my revenge. As a warlord i never run away from my zone no matter if i have to face the entire oposite team at the same time. All my perks are pasives that help me to stay alive even if im ganked, all but one wich is my secret weapon, my last card when im about to die: the Fire flask. Is allways better to leave this world in a storm fire and death, especially if Valhalla waits for me

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    I actually have 3 different PK builds depending on if I'm playing Dominion, Elim, or Skirmish, but I'll go with my main one for Dominion since I play that by far the most.

    *Most played 4vs4 game mode: Dominion.
    * Main character: Peacekeeper
    * Feats:

    Bounty Hunter: Heal on kill is a no-brainer for an assassin class.
    Thick Skin: As you'll see going on, a lot of this build is designed to save me should I get in over my head, this feat helps with that a ton.
    Sharpen Blade: Dat damage. 1v1 it helps a lot, but it really shines when getting ganked with no way to get away. Bleed damage stacks so quickly that if you're careful about it you can bleed everyone attacking you down to nothing, either securing a victory, or making them easy prey for your friends just showing up too late.
    Catapult: While I like Fear Itself way more personally (and use it for my elim build), the game-changing nature of a single well placed catapult makes it a must-have.


    Top: Stamina Recovery
    Middle: Block Damage Resistance
    Bottom: Revive Speed

    Top: Sprint Speed
    Middle: Execution Health Regen
    Bottom: Block Damage

    Top: Revenge Mode Duration
    Middle: Exhaustion Recovery
    Bottom: Debuff Resistance

    Top: Revenge Gain By Injury
    Middle: Revenge Mode Duration
    Bottom: Throw Distance

    Top: Revenge Mode Defense
    Middle: Revenge Gain on Defense
    Bottom: Feat Cooldown Reduction

    Top: Attack
    Middle: Defense
    Bottom: Stamina Reduction

    I'm an asssassin class, so it should probably be obvious that my primary role is to kill as many folks as possible. More specifically, I make sure and secure A (assuming Blue team here, for Red switch the letters), then bee-line for C. This often leads to either trading A for C (depending on my team), or if they're defending C then I will probably be beaten back (or killed even), but not before stalling out their point gain for a little bit while hopefully we're gaining double points on A. It's a small lead, but it adds up over the game. After that, I will generally be dancing between C and A, harrassing a zone controlled by them if they aren't harassing ours, or going to defend the zone being harassed. I also make a point of going out of my way to waylay anyone i see alone on the trips between one and the other zone, and sometimes will stop to harass multiple people if I feel like buying my team some time without their adds would be more beneficial. And of course, anytime i'm strolling around and see a teammate in a fight, i'm there to stab their opponent in the back unless doing so would be redundant (or it's obvious I won't get an opening, in which case i'll likely still grab them a bit).
    Perks are picked to maximize my uptime in action, and my ability to survive a surprise gank, possibly even pull a victory out, but at least delay them for a while before making my escape. Sharpen Blade and Catapult help serve this function as they are both capable of shutting down groups when used carefully, and also give my initial burst damage a huge bump when I catch someone afield.
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    *Most played 4vs4 game mode: Dominion.
    * Main character: Zerker

    * Feats:

    Stun trap
    Bear trap
    Throwing Axe
    Fire Flask


    Right head -
    Max Attack
    High Defence
    Low Stamina cost

    Left head -
    Max Revenge attack
    High Revenge by Injury
    Low Throw distance

    Handles -
    Max feat cooldown
    High revenge gain by def
    Low revenge def

    Arms -
    Max Stamina regen
    High block damage resist
    Low revive speed

    Chest -
    Max block damage
    High execution health regen
    Low sprint speed

    Helm -
    Max revenge duration
    High exhaustion recover
    Low debuff

    Role: Protect one point in a dominion, use feat cooldown to riddle the zone with traps & harass with throwing axes to do damage at a distance. By then the enemy has either ran or their health is too low to put up a fight. Fire flasks are for throwing at B to take out enemy soldiers. Stun traps are just for slowing the enemy down and doing some damage, bear traps are for near enviromental kill areas for quick kills. My Zerker is a pro zone def hero.

    Managed to take down a 4 v 1 with both teams breaking by using traps. My favourite thing to do is place bear traps under the spike traps on sanctuary bridge, enemy runs through, gets trapped then I pull the lever lol. Instant "Wow! Wow! Wow!"
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    Most played 4v4: skirmish
    Main: peacekeeper

    Stealth (considering bounty hunter but I think stealth gives me a moment of surprise from those more actively checking minimap)
    Thick skin
    Fear itself (I would likely kill my own team with catapult,I have killed my own team, in breaking no less, with last laugh, that was embarrassing and the nerf to opponent defence helps with my low attack (see below))

    Build (highest to lowest, 108 gear score)

    Debuff resistance
    Exhaustion recovery
    Revenge mode duration

    Sprint speed
    Block damage
    Execution health regen

    Stamina regen
    Block damage resistance
    Revive speed

    Stamina cost reduction

    Revenge mode defence
    Feat cooldown reduction
    Revenge gain by defence

    Revenge mode attack
    Throw distance
    Revenge gain by injury

    I stick with the group as a whole, I will engage one on one, but I also look for opportunities at putting a forward dodge heavy into an opponent's back which is why stealth got it over bounty hunter. I still get revenge up but this comes when I have gotten myself into a charlie foxtrot (look it up) of my own doing with three around me, the idea is block,pop when someone is about to hit me, get out, maybe take one out on the way, I do get kills off it still. If I am in dominion, my entire point of 1vx is survive as long as I can. Speaking of surviving, defence and stamina are my priority along with thick skin exactly for this,finish or escape a fight, look for a heal or defence buff or support another team member and I still get matches with 17 takedowns, my only deviation from this was block damage as opposed to execution health regen,more chip and I am more likely to let an opponent bleed out than execute them. I found feat cooldown underwhelming on my original build but I found after switching sharpen blades to crossbow that I get a crossbow every thirty to sixty seconds which made that the better option for me.
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    Most played 4v4: Skirmish
    Main: Nobushi

    Speed Revive
    Revenge Attacks
    Sharpen Blade (With attack boost will demand respect)
    Fire trap

    Revenge mode duration
    Exhaustion recovery
    Rebuff resistance

    Sprint speed
    Execution health regen

    Revive speed
    Stamina regen
    Block damage resistance

    Stamina reduction

    Revenge gain by defense
    Revenge mode defense
    Fear cool down reduction

    Revenge mode attack
    Revenge gain by injury
    Throw distance

    I like think of my role as a offensive cleric, always attempting to revive the fallen with my stacked revive speed and love to build up feats early in the game. There's not much defense in this build so I tend to keep the pressure on. Not afraid to switch targets and harass nearby enemies, this helps with gank attempts on fellow teammates. Love to jump in the middle of the enemies and throw Fire Trap or ZA since Nobushi has decent range. Really don't go for environmental kills unless my opponent insists on it. But overall the best part for me is stacking Sharpen Blade with Attack boost while having bleed effects and revenge if possible is just epic damage. Always love to watch a opponent bleed out.
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    Mostly play Dominion.
    Main: Nobushi

    Don't have all the gear yet i want, I'm having trouble finding certain parts with the stats i want.

    • Speed Revive
    • Smoke Bomb
    • Blissful Rest
    • Stalwart Banner

    • Exhaustion recovery
    • Rebuff resistance
    • Revenge mode duration

    • Sprint speed
    • Execution health regen
    • Block

    Arms: Revive speed and Stamina Regen are interchangeable.
    • Revive speed
    • Stamina regen
    • Block damage resistance

    • Stamina reduction
    • Defense
    • Attack

    • Fear cool down reduction
    • Revenge gain by defense
    • Revenge mode defense

    • Throw distance
    • Revenge gain by injury
    • Revenge mode attack

    Probably a pretty unique set-up.
    I'm mostly focused on support play, rather than combat. Ressing allies, plopping down banners and trying to intervene in fights with guardbreaks/ putting enemies off balance by hitting them.
    Wondering if i should throw in a heavier focus on defense, as i'm currently using speed and a giant stamina pool to dodge/ outrun people.
    I prefer the mind games over combat. Comes in, runs around, disappears. Fast resurrection, Capturing zones and moving away almost instantly after capturing.

    Its fun.
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    4v4: Full defense Warlord/Cliff Troll
    1v1: Honorable Kensei
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    *Most played game mode: Dominion.
    * Main character: Beserker
    * Feats:
    - Bounty Hunter
    - Revenge Atacks
    - Throwing axes
    - Fire bomb


    Straight attack damage

    Sprint speed

    Revenge gain by injury

    Revenge duration


    As a Beserker I think its my job to run the map and be as big of a headache as I can. Cap objectives when they aren't looking. If they come to take it as a group I walk away and then come back the moment they leave. Keep them wondering where I am. Make sure they can't keep their home objective without leaving someone behind. Then I do my best to make life miserable for that person.

    If someone else is already doing that I stay in mid and keep minions at bay and occasionally make rounds to pick off stragglers.

    The Beserker is most likely never gonna be the class that carries the team to victory. They are the ones that make the OTHER team have a hard time while the proper carrys can get the objectives and point we need to win.

    Great thread Idea btw. I hope the Devs see this. That way they can get an idea of the mindset each player has with their respective classes.
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    Most played 4vs4 game mode: 1st Skirmish, 2nd Dominion.

    Main character: Berserker, Rep 7, 108.

    Bounty Hunter
    Revenge Attacks
    Sharpen Blade
    Fear Itself

    High atack
    Max defence
    Low stamina cost reduction.

    Low revenge gain by injury.
    High revenge mode atack.
    Max throw distance.

    Low revenge gain by defence.
    High revenge mode defence.
    Max cooldown reduction.

    Max exhaustion recovery.
    Low revenge mode duration.
    High debuff resistance.

    Max stamina regen.
    High block dmg resistance.
    Low revive speed.

    Max Execution health regen.
    High block damage.
    Low sprint speed.

    Play the objective
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    Berserker. My play style is Honor.
    1. Sanic Buff.
    2. YOLO trap.
    3. KS Axe
    4. Roid Rage.

    My play style is "Camp the Objective"
    I place the YOLO Trap. and use the Heat Seeking Jump spell as soon as someone gets in, then i throw them down for a free heavy and proceed to press all the buttons until they drop.
    If more people come i dash around to deny them the zone as long as possible.
    P.S. low ELO.
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