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    The truth about conqueror shield bash


    You can literally say that he is pressing A to doge the shield bash before he hits him with it and it still hits him. He presses it early in the begining of the move. If you want to doge a conq shield bash you literally have to press doge before he even does the shield bash move(should not be like now where you have to press doge while he is doging).And the conq can do the 50/50 so you doge and not shield bash and you grab him while he is trying to dash. The conq is still a Top 5 character in the game. + A conq does not have to attack he literally only have to press 2 buttons dash and GB in a match
    Top 5: Warden, Warlord, Conqueror, Shugoki, Peacekeeper(cause of the flicker and the second light attack speed)
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    Well I mean I said you have to doge before conq does the shield bash. Basically you have to dash when the conq is just finished his dash and you think he is going for the gb. And I say it again it is a 50/50 not about reflexes
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    You know you'd have a point....if this clip wasn't old as fudge. I watch both of these players. I was specifically in both of their chat's while this fight happened. Conq has gotten nerfed twice since then. he's far easier to punish now.
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    It's the same with the valk it's infuriating. She can even miss her jump and do a light before I can punish her with a light.. it's just ridiculous.
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    Good lord..another post about this. Facepalm. Refer to the knight section buddy you missed out on the discussion.
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