The 100 Demons is a samurai troupe in "For Honor" consisting of members all bound by the Samurai's code of honor, channeling violence into a greater purpose.

100 Demons "Hyaku-biki no Oni"

The name is derived from the traditional book and artwork "100 Demons of Horiyoshi III", which is absolutely invaluable to tattooers. The title as suggested is simply drawings on Japanese demons, of course the most classic are featured, Hannya, Ri-Jin, Fu-Jin but many lesser known also.

The 100 Demons main focus is dueling and being honorable in For Honor. I encourage everybody to be active in the game as that's what it takes to be a better/skillful player. All members are to follow the honorable way of combat, unless, forced by foe/s who shows signs of dishonor/disrespect, which then will have to be punished.

Please note that joining 100 Demons does NOT mean you have to only play Samurai heroes. You are welcome to play other heroes as well, as long as you are loyal to the Samurai Faction (denotes a rectangle border in your emblem). We also have a clan emblem that is available for all members to use.

Under no circumstances will this group permit the following:
- Cheating/hacking
- Harassment
- Scams/phishing links
- Impersonating
- Spamming