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    PS 4 Tom Clancys Ghost Recon: Wildlands over 100 % Save Game Completly Gone

    hello at everyone

    I have been playing this game over 100 hours, and i have been playing yesterday and it has been live streamed as well. As where I wanted to play on today. I enter the game on the PS4, it all starts with cinematic and all the notification, rewards etc are reappearing....like i had it when i started for the first time......and instead of proceeding to the Squad Menu and continue to play menu, i now start/ed at the Char Creation??????

    I mean what is this? I have completed this game exactly before the "Narco Road DLC" would hit next week.....but now i even dont know what to say.

    please is there repair it? since it saved somewhere additionally?

    thx in advance
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    I'm assuming you have PS+ (since most people do) your save data should automatically be uploaded to your online storage every day, unless for some ridiculous reason you turned that feature off (it's on by default I'm pretty sure).
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