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    Best controler?

    hi everyone,
    ...I use a Steelseries "Merc Stealth" keyboard and a Logitech G500 mouse in WoT and some of the Call of Duty games, and they do well, but I also have an X-Box 360 PL-3702 afterglow controller that is supposed to work on PC games like this, so I was wondering which would be the best or if there might be a better one you could suggest, I am an older guy that doesn't have a lot of experience with this type of game. I play mostly solo in games because I am on chemo and pain-meds and would not want to let anyone down in team-play just incase I crash and burn in a game LOL....
    ...any suggestion will be appreciated.
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    I'm an older guy to I'm using a Logitech G13 as my left hand controller plus it allows me set up my keys as needed.
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    sir I recommend a pc xbox 360 controller as there is default profile on pc games now in windows. Pc xbox 360 controller works in all my 60 plus games. gta v ghost recon wildlands. Any game that is controller will work and have 360 controller profile. All games that work with controller have default controller profile .you can look up game specs .
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