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    POP2WW-Return to sacrificial chamber from Central hall

    I got all the 8 life upgrades except the one at the sacrificial chamber!
    I want an alternate ending;finding the water sword in the Queen's Room and defeating Dahaka not getting the Sandwrith's Mask.
    I only found 8 out of 9 circles with symbols in the Queen's Room floor lighted.
    I left the upgrade in the sacrificial altar!

    Can anyone suggest me a way to reach the sacrificial altar from the central hall?
    ~Thanks in advance~
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    Simply use a pile of stones and ledges near the Sacrificial Altar area's entrance. Then turn back the same way you did after defeating Shahdee, through the Time Portal and the area, where Dahaka chased you for the first time. Make sure you pick this upgrade before getting the Mask. There is a glitch, when you are no longer able to grab the place where the wall was breached by Dahaka, but as far as I know this glitch appears only after completing Sand Wraith sequence.

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    Posted Tue June 13 2006 05:44
    1) You are searching for the Sacrificial Altar too late in the game, unfortunately. For whatever reason, the Ubisoft developers "closed doors" so that you could get to the Sacrificial Altar but not back from it.
    When you visit the Southern Passage (room where the Dahaka broke a hole in the wall), when you jump across to the hole in the wall you miss grabbing the ledge 100% of the time by just an inch ... so you can not return in that direction.

    2a) if you have no saved games at all, you are stuck in a dead end without any possibility of finishing the game!! Start a new game.
    That is the unintended consequence of how the Ubisoft developers designed the game. How unfortunate!
    Many Prince of Persia games severely punish the game player who does not save his game position. That is the worst example of that postulate.

    2b) if you have a saved game before descending a curtain, jumping across the spike pit, and jumping across to the Sacrificial Altar, load that saved game and backtrack to the Central Access Hall. Finish the game by defeating the Empress. You can NOT get the WaterSword to defeat the Dahaka.

    That is technically how I first played the game.
    I knew nothing about the WaterSword or defeating the Dahaka. I defeated the Empress and enjoyed the game. Then when I learned about the second ending, I started a new game, found all the artwork chests, found all the secondary weapons, found all the bonus weapons, found all the Life Upgrades, earned the WaterSword, defeated the Dahaka ... thus enjoying the game even more!

    2c) if you have a saved game about 75% through the game before entering the left side hallway of the Hourglass Chamber to the Throne room in search of the mask, load that saved game.
    You may find all nine Life Upgrades.
    Then enter the Throne room, find the mask, become the SandWraith, return to the Central Access Hall, get the WaterSword, and defeat the Dahaka.

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