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    The Crew Ideas

    Hello! I have some ideas! (I know you guys wants Ubisoft fix some bugs first blah blah)

    For Drift spec
    , how about adds some smoke colors? Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, etc smokes, smoke color coming out of tires, that would be nice!
    If you're already played NFS Most Wanted (2012).

    Why not change some different colors of stickers? Or just add some stickers with different colors?

    What about ROOF SCOPE?

    Different Brake Rotor, Brake Caliper and or Colors?

    More different type of wheels? Colors? Like Red, Blue, green, etc.

    Headlight colors? lol

    Window Tints?

    I think I am run out of ideas. Got any ideas?
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    How about front and rear fenders? For all the cars, or at least, most of them
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    Nfs most wanted 2012 did not have possitive revues so if they add all that the crew would drop price in stock. For example, someone could buy every single copie and burn them or baery them.
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    The crew: Fast and Furious 8

    I have an idea for the next dlc: Fast and furious 8. (This may contain spoilers for the movie)

    Have missions from the movie, such as the russian military base and have car health to take bullet damage, also have harpoons like that one scene from the movie. And also have a new Snow spec. Maybe also have 2 sides, one for the family and the other for Dom and Sypher.

    If anyone would like this or has any other ideas for this please do say so!!👍👍👍😄😄
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    Originally Posted by Sonicluigi123 Go to original post
    And also have a new Snow spec.
    I actually had an idea about Alaska since it's part of the U.S anyhow, make a snow spec and a snowtrack spec. A heavy duty car with a lot of torque and big wheels (Sort of a Raid spec, only more gorgeous!) and cars with tracks instead of wheels, 'cause it's snow homeboy.

    Or sledge dogs, y'know. #'Laska!
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    How about adding highbeams so you can actually see where you are going at night lol. Its not bad when going slow, but really who want to go slow.
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    They should look how NFS Shift did the customization. Especially for creating your own decals it was amazing.
    Stackable stickers.
    MORE stickers! Various shapes (square, triangle, circle, line), Various Numbers and styles of numbers, smileys.
    The ability to choose colors for those stickers ^
    The ability to stretch, twist, shift and turn those shapes (in NFS shift a little circle could be stretched over your whole car if you wanted).

    You could go really crazy and unique in that customization and lose hours upon hours creating your own decals. It was like an extensive character creation in an RPG and for an MMO races i think that's VERY important to be as unique as possible
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