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    Ghost Recon: Wildlands Feedback GREAT IDEAS PLEASE READ.

    Hey guys @ ubisoft I love ghost recon wildlands but I have a few requests which could make the game much much bigger and better and more fun. First request, Make the graphics and textures better and detailed add fighter jets including a harrier jump jet the ability for players to choose to play in first person mode ONLY instead of 3rd and first so for driving and flying and shooting especially. Add more guns the enemy's don't see you while you're not moving and you're out of line of sight so you are harder to detect everybody loves a game that has idiot AI. Add the chevytac intervention as a sniper rifle option add the Barrett.50 Cal sniper rifle add new scopes and an actual range finger to put on every sniper rifle so while the players aiming at an object they can see how far im meters the object or target they're aiming at is from them. I'm a sniper and only snipe in every game I play. Just help us out guys and do this. Just add a more realistic feel to the game if you would and add new cars make the cars have a unique sound and each one have a different sound to them it's no right make the next update huge and add all of these thing s and more people will buy and play the game I'm a hard core gamer and know what gamers want. I have great ideas for every game I play and no company ever listens to them but I know what can be done to make any game I play great and even better. Thanks - Exoticmodx
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    Main Suggestion/Idea I have...

    What would make this game next level in my opinion is;
    Have a random objective generator. Instead of completing the game, if the game would constantly generate objectives, there would be a never ending supply of missions to do.

    Next level someday kind of stuff would be;
    To be able to even randomly generate the terrain, and cities, and climates...

    Basically, if every time I did a mission, the mission and location were brand new. That'd be sick.
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    Add this to ghost recon wildlands devs

    If your the devs of ghost recon wildlsnds pls add FRIST PERSON and pls add rappeling, to helicopter and grappling hooks,so you can climping over tall walls and add new wepons, and new sights, and scopes,and add better graphics and better sound detale to guns and the wilderness of the biomes and pls add thermel sights to sniper scopes and plz add more helicopters,and more planes and pls add the c130. And plz add rolplay for the charecters to enjoy and plz don't make us use guns 24/7 and let us not use so many guns plz. And plz don't make us have to wear certain clothes so we can make custom clothing.
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