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    Is Chessmaster for sale (10th or 11th edition) online?

    I've been trying to get chessmaster (10th or 11th) edition for quite some time. I downloaded a demo version of the official site. When I click the button to buy the full version I redirected to a page on ubisoft's site that says PAGE NOT FOUND. The same thing happens when I try to purchase it from http://chessmaster.uk.ubi.com.
    Is this product for sale or what?

    PS1. Trying to purchase the PC version.
    PS2. Send a question to ubisoft support, the day before yesterday, but still no answer.
    Thanks a lot.
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    Both Chessmaster 10th Edition and Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition have been retired from Ubisoft's current lineup (keep in mind that this is software that is over 10 years old). There are no plans for another release.

    You can still find both versions on sale from third parites, on sites like Amazon.com and eBay. Because of this, the price it's offered for fluctuates greatly,
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