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    Amazing lighting glitches makes game unplayable

    So I recently bought the game and have been enjoying quite a lot so far for the 20 minutes I've been able to play without having intense light flickering hurting my brain and literally not making me able to see neither the enemies nor anything in general ! Here are a few examples : . I know this is a long lasting issue that seems not to have been fixed yet and I just feel like I need to add my complaints to the crumbling pile . I would really appreciate from you guys at Ubisoft to find a fix to this issue and maybe give us a little bit of help , it would be worth those 70 bucks right ?
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    Have you made sure that your graphics card driver is up-to-date? Could you also see if deactivating chromatic aberration and turning resolution downscale to 100 (and/or resetting it) is of any help?

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