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    Player base shrinking at an astronomical rate (stats).

    http://www.githyp.com/for-honor-117356/player-count/ Look at how fast the player base has fallen to less than 10k, when millions of people own the game, and all platforms consistently had over 100k on at any given time, just a few weeks ago. Some things about this game are insanely fun and addictive, but for the most part, it's just a steaming pile of crap.

    Connection issues a AAA release hasn't had since the 90's (at least without fixing them in a timely manner), shaky mechanics that aren't remotely consistent, an incredible (and mind blowing) lack of transparency from the devs -- even a seemingly utter unwillingness to even acknowledge the current issues with the game, horrible matchmaking, and all around terrible balance -- all of these things come together to make a game that the player base would love to see succeed, but sadly enough, that will not happen.

    The entire point of this game was to sell enough copies to make Ubisoft a pile of money. They did not intend for any sort of longevity, that much is obvious. It sucks, because the development team had an excellent creative vision, but the operational side of this game is just horrible.

    At this point, it will not matter if they actually fix the connection issues, balance the classes, polish the mechanics, and fix the match making. The reason it won't matter is because the players that quit this game will only look for updates for a certain amount of time, and as you can see, Ubi isn't remotely interested in fixing the issues with this game in a timely manner.

    It's okay though, they got their money, they made their profit.
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    Eh, they will fix it if the R6 devs take control... but only like after a year? :P
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    Game as services they said.
    The game has a cash shop.
    That's services indeed ...
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    I hate to say it, but Ubi just mite have ruined there reputation for ever after this one. We have had quite a number of issues with this company over the years in previous games, however this experience with For Honor takes the cake home for sure.

    False Advertisement
    Horrible Customer Service
    Zero effort in hack prevention or hack protection
    No balance in stats/gear
    No balance in Heroes
    No balance in Match Making
    Toxic community
    Trash company

    only a matter of time before For Honor is dead
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    "millions of people own the game"

    LOL hyperbole much?
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    Originally Posted by Varicose_Veins Go to original post
    "millions of people own the game"

    LOL hyperbole much?
    i think i heard somewhere that 2 million copies were sold. and if that is the case, the current player counts tell us everything we need to know. i own and like to play the game here and there but i do have a friend that returned his game last week and even my brother uninstalled it. the core of the game is great, but some odd choices were made i must admit.
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    I do not believe For Honor was a scam. I think they subestimated some scenarios. They are working (semanal patches), talking to us (dev streams), and the game IS fun.

    They failed to deliver the game in perfect state because I bet nobody there know a thing about fighting games. But For Honor is a very well made game overall and I doubt will be abandoned (specially because devs are in touch with us players).
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    Isn't that just steam reposted?

    Console sold alot more copies then pc and maintained its population since alot less connection issues.

    So steam population has shrunk but really who cares about steam anyways

    Console master race!
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    Exactly what ZechsMarquizy said. I feel like the community is the worst, these games always seem to attract the elitist *******s whos only skill in life is pressing buttons and whose catch phrase is get gud. They make all the casual players who just want to have some fun quit the game because it becomes unplayable for these people either because they get obliterated every game due to **** matchmaking, or people message them saying they suck, or just taunting ****s who love to spam emotes and sorry when they beat you.**** even i have been thinking about selling this game because it just isnt worth playing. Its getting to the point where if your not a hardcore gamer then this game isnt for you
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    Honestly, myself and I'm sure I'm not alone, would rather see the game work properly without disconnects, lag, etc, before anything else gets fixed.

    Balance is an issue along with matchmaking, ya, but can I really experience the imbalance or matchmaking issues if I can't even get into the game?

    I hope Ubi decides to just roll out servers at some point. The connectivity should be their top priority imo.
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