So i finally managed to write down my Healer Build to share with your for the Build of the Week.
Sry for some English fails and for the German Screenshots but i think you will know what i want to say on the Screens.

Here we go:

We all know the very well performed Marcostyle Healer Build with 4x Tactician, Vigorous and Inventive backpack full rolled for Electronics.
I took this build and really liked it, but made some more Improvements in my opinion in terms of Gameplay, Grp and Debuff Support and on top off the Dmg done.

Firearms: 4134
Warlord DPS: 232,919 / Urban DPS:331,328
Stamina: 2771 Toughness: 272,667
Electronics: 7989 Skillpower: 332,343


First Aid Defibrillator (196,755 Self Heal / 314,534 Ally Heal / 15 sec CD),
Immunizer Support Station (11,318 HPS / 226,355 HP / 11,9 sec CD),
Tactical Link or Recovery Link (249 sec CD)
Talents: Triage, Battle Buddy, Combat Medic, Critical Safe


Warlord: 20.0K DMG, 19% EAD, 19% CHC,
Talents: Competent. Intense, Play Rough,
Mods: Loud Vent Brake (18% CHD, 3% CHC, 2,5% Stability), Extended Mag (110% Size, 5% Reload speed, 2,5 CHC), 552 Holo Sight (7,5% CHC, 5.5% HSD, 4% CHD), Handstop (30,5 Reload speed, 2% Accurancy, 2,5% Stabillity)

Switch to this Weapon and fire it on your Enemies if you see you gettin focused and call your mates for Help while try to avoid Bullets, maybe even Facetank 1v1 Situations if you feelin like you will survive this (Free First Aid CD and full mag helps a lot for Example)
The Play rough Talent works awesome in mitgate Dmg for a short Period of Time so you can take focus fire on you, keep on shooting until your First Aid will be rdy, gettin Overheal and Heal over Time and head back to the action!
Maybe you need some time to master the way this Talent works (i still die with no revive possible to it, but the gain from it was it worth in most cases) but if you get firm with it you will never want to miss it in focus fire on you!

Urban-MDR: 39.6K DMG, 23% EAD, 15% CHC,
Talents:Talented, Skilled (maybe i will switch this to Competent, for constant 10% more dmg cause of our low Cooldown, but i like the Ulti Reg with it, especially in Legendarys!), Distracted,
Mods: Omega Rifle Suppresor (18,5% HSD, 3% CHC, 4% CHC), Extended Mag (112,5% Size, 5.1% ROF, 3 CHC), VX-1 Scope (18% HSD, 3% CHC, 4% CHD), PEQ-15 Laser (16% Accurancy, 2,5% Stabillity, 4% CHD)

This is our Dmg Weapon and Last hitting Weapon. Full modded for HSD cause of its Multiplicator, High Bullet Dmg makes last Hitting really easy to get our Talented active (15% more SP for better and faster Heals), even as Healer with low Firearms. Skilled for faster Ulti Reg, cause we already count on killing with this weapon for Talented, our Headshot kills (this what you want to hit with the Urban) gives us Big Ulti Regenerations!
But here im not really sure. You can also switch Skilled for Competend. This way you can lower your Firearms back to ~2,8k FA, dump the Free Attributes in Stamina (better survival) or Electronics (better Heal and like 0,8 Sec fast First Aid CD), what you prefer.
Competend will be up like 100% cause of our 14,2-15 Sec Heal CD and equals the dmg Lost from our missing ~1,2k Firearms Piece switched to Stamina or Electronic. But i must say, pushing my Mates to the limit with nearly every Encounter Tac Link rdy from only one guy is so much win.
Yeah we will lose Recovery Link but this ulti you only pop when you need it / are in bad circumstances like somebody is on the ground.
Tac Link u can always pop to avoid this Circumstance that you need Recovery Link, to take 2-3 Guys down, gettin better odds and stuff...
you have 3 Mates left for Recovery Link or Survival Link.... (thats my opinion, especially if you keep skilled on Urban. If you roll for Competent, then Recovery Link may be the better Choice)

93R: Dmg Values are not important here, just modded for Stability for better Handling lolz!
Talents: Intense and Coolheaded (Take/craft a 229 one if you got the BP and rolled Competent on MDR and only got like ~2,8k Fa, mod 2x FA Mods then you will have Coolheaded active). You can switch coolheaded to harmful for even more CC and Status effects, but i like atm the abillity to get my Heal like 2-3 Sec back faster more.
With the 93R and our Bliss Holster i traded off for the 4th Piece Tactician, we will get insane amounts of Crowd Control Abillity! Just burst it on your enemies, you will stackin Bliss Holster so fast, Emp your Enemy and prevent his skill use, get a Status effect for your and your Mates wearing Urban-MDRs. You also reload so fast and so often that you will procc very often intense on your enemy and light him up with fire. And yet another Status Effect for Urban. As i mentioned if you feelin good with like 14-15sec Heal CD you can go Harmfull for Coolheaded, yet another Debuff for Urban MDR, Slowing your target, better and easier Focus Target!
I really like that play! It feels so bad for your enemies when they really CANT DO ANYTHING cause of your debuffs while your mates melt him down!


3x Tactician, Vigorous Chest, Inventive Backpack, Bliss Holster

Chest: Vigorous: 1960 arm, 1267 firearms, 8% skill Haste, 16,456 health, 50% ammo.
Mods: 264 Ele / 3 % skill haste, 262 FA / 3% skill haste

Mask: Tactician: 967 arm, 1268 electronics, 9839 Skill power, 14% Blind resistance.
Mods: 265 Ele / 3307 Skill Power

Knees: Tactician: 1654 arm, 1207 electronics, 16,254 skill power, 31% Bleed resistance, 28% Blind-Deaf resistance, 30% burn resistance.
Mods: 266 Ele / 3% skill haste, 6% First Aid Ally heal

Bag: Inventive Backpack: 1301 arm, 1244 electronics,13058 Skill Power, 52% Ammo.
Mods: 264 Ele / 3% skill haste , 2x 6% first aid heal

Gloves: Tactician 943 arm, 1205 firearms, 1254 Assault Rifle DMG, 6% CHC, 9% skill haste

Holster: Colonel Bliss Holster 908 arm, 1250 firearms, 1211 stamina, 1266 electronics, 6% skill haste
Mods: 6% First Aid Self Heal

Reason for the First Aid Self Heal modding is that i wanted to initially full overheal myself with defi mod, for more survival cause we are a bit squishy


Weapon damage: 39,559, CHC 15.%, CHD 37%, HSD 132%, Stability 2%, Accuracy 16%, EAD 23%,
332,343 SP, 50% Skill haste,
Health 184,466, Armour 7733 (32.35%),
PFE 0%, EDR 0% (hello one shot seekers :/ but warlord and overheal can handle it),
Bleed 31%, Blind/Deaf 14%, Burn 30%, Disorient 0, Disrupt 28%, Shock 0%

Ok i mentioned nearly everything what this build is for in the Weapons Section. You are some kind of Combat Medic who can push out respectable Dmg via Urban and buff his self while killing Targets with it (talented/skilled), push a lot tactical Link cause of skilled, got short Heal CDs and can get your grp up really easy (my Selfheal initially fully overheal myself with my 184k HP, then the Hot comes in! Your mates will get a stronger heal cause of Defi First Aid and revive possibility if it works....) on the other hand you are a DEBUFF GOD with your 93R + Bliss Holster, preventing your enemies using skills, slow them down (if u switch coolheaded for harmful), light em up cause of intense (and that will happen a lot) and all for buffing your and your team mates Urban Dmg. And cause of our invest in Skillpower we are kinda squishy but our Vigorous Chest pushes our HP to ~276k HP make us a bit more tanky, if we feelin gettin focused we switch to our warlord to mitgate 20% dmg income over time, just take care that you have a heal/medkit rdy when mag is empty and Play rough buff expires, let us face tank even ~7k FA Builds while we slowly nuke our enemy down, heal ourself up again (<3 short cds) or if that all wont help, call your Mates to help their Healer!

For PvE
you can switch Bliss Holster for a 4th Piece Tactician to get higher SP and better Heals. Legendary with skilled on Urban is so godlike cause you have your tac link nearly every Grp rdy and you will get a lot of talented uptime cause its really easy to finish/last hit with Urban! But in PvP the possibillitys of this Build with Bliss Holster are insane and SO MUCH FUN to use and play!

So this Build is for me a allrounder Build focused on Heal and Debuffing / Support your mates to the limit while still able to mitgate quite much dmg (<3 Warlord) even with low toughness, and on top dish out a good amount of dmg (<3 Urban MDR) and not slacking on our Heals/cds.

PS: I tried Healer Builds with Midas and / or Caduceus for other kind of support but cant get them to work well. This Setup this way just feels so good!

Screenshot of all Values/Stats and Mods ingame (Yeah i know, i have great Paint Cutting Image Skills lol)

(you have to zoom in the Screenshot, Strg + Mouse wheel up)