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    Car on Demand vicinity issue

    At first after the update, the Car on Demand worked like a dream, placing my car within 100m.

    After a day or two, it went back to placing the car at least 200-300m away from me again.

    I few times I was in a parking lot and the car appeared in another parking lot about two streets over from my location.

    Now the average has been about 175 - 225m away.

    Also, I was wondering why if we just got our car from COD and we get teleported to another area (due to bounty hunter or invasion) we still have to wait until the COD timer expires? I figure the reloading after teleporting would reset the counter.

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    Thank you for this feedback, bucsfan! This certainly does sound like the behavior of the app prior to the patch. I'll be sure keep an eye out in the future for more reports of players experiencing issues like this with the Car on Demand app.
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    Ohhhhhhhh i'm so glad someone else has noticed this. I honestly thought it was fixed for a while and car on demand was delivering cars much better but in more recent days, i've had Car on Demand putting cars a crazy long distance away, and on one occasion even put it in a completely walled off garden area to a house!! I had to opt to leave that one as it was completely useless!
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