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    Inventory Management | Main stat switching | Crafting

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    I came across GUMPnSTEIN's video on 1.6 | Inventory Management | Stash Fix.

    The video gives a lot of initiative to what annoys me and many others the most: the poor inventory management and RNG.

    I find myself carrying on to copies of gear items, solely for the fact that I'm unsure whether I'll need a piece with firearms or stamina. This could be fixed easily:
    If re-calibration gave us an alternative option, namely "switch stat" without locking the item, this would drastically cut the amount of gear one holds onto. If applied to main stats alone, this could cut items retained by 3. If the game additionally allowed to switch stats for major and minor attributes, this would get reduced even further and grant unrestricted freedom of matching stats.
    Lastly, the classical "re-calibration" can be changed to "upgrade stat", simply allowing to invest money and material for a chance of improving the rolls on gear. Thus, items could be worked on and gradually improved over time by investing into them. Notably, the re-calibration should include the armor stat for gear, which currently cannot be re-calibrated.

    When it comes to blueprints, I agree that there is a problem with lower gear score blueprint that lose value. IMO blueprint should not have levels, but rather the item should scale according to the player level, as caches do, and require increasing material for higher levels.

    Other things that really need to be addressed include:
    * standardized backpack spaces (related to loadout management)
    * improved equipping of gear mods (like weapon mods)
    * inventory management across characters
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    Love GUMPnSTEIN's Video
    Maybe Massive could prepare a major inventory overhault for the patch in summer a long with the Build Saving.
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    I have been advocating changes to crafting for a long time. There should be a LOT of crafting blueprints available. The blueprint vendor should restock every 2-3 days, imo, and have all bp be at max GS, based on your Tier level, and buff up the weapons and weapon mods to 4 bp per rotation and add the Gear Set bps as well.
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    Also all blueprints/mats should be account wide. And I never understood why they had to randomize backpack slots, that's just stupid.
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