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    Ubi account hacked, pass AND email changed?!?!?


    The last couple of weeks I have been waiting to get a reply from Ubisoft support. I have sent a ticket about 2+ weeks ago, and still don't have a reply. This is either really bad customer support, or it might be some bug.

    The support ticket was sent from an unused account, since I could not login to this account at the time. Now that I have managed to log in via my PSN, I sent another one from this account, so no excuses this time.

    So what happened is that my email randomly got changed to gamesoft0321@gmail.com. I did not do this myself, I am 100% sure of that. Also, my password is changed, and there is somehow 2step verification on my account. I do NOT recall putting that on (which might have been a good idea). When I try to change my email when i log in to the account manager via my PSN, I can't because there is another gamesoft gmail set as a second email address. So I would have to enter gam********@gmail.com.

    Just in case you didn't realize yet, gamesoft0321@gmail.com is not my mail account. I have never heard of it, and still don't know what or whose it's supposed to be.

    I would like to get my account back, because I have been using it since Driver San Fransisco on the PS3, and there are some games on it I'd like to play again.

    I hope someone can help me ASAP!


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    Hi yar2000! Please private message me your ticket numbers and I will try to find out what's going on with them for you.
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