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    A request from long time fans while we wait for a new settlers game

    is there any chance that we ubisoft or even blue byte can fix the older games (settlers 2-4) and allow us to purchase them on steam or even uplay? I honestly wouldnt have a problem with paying for those games all over again, just as long as im able to play them. they were fantastic games for their time.

    I hope thats not to much to ask and I hope others response to this and let them know that there are some out there wanting to play these old time games.
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    Settlers 2-6 are available on GOG (https://www.gog.com/games?search=settlers). Getting Settlers 4 running on Windows 8 and later can be tricky, but using something like dgVoodoo 2 (http://dege.fw.hu/) helps enormously (instructions for use at https://www.gog.com/forum/the_settle...t_of_it/post23).

    Hope this helps.
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    They should release another settlers 2 Anniversary edition, after settlers 2 they really tried to do more with the mechanics of the game and for me really ruined the series.
    Like yourself i beleive they should start again, usuing settlers 2 as a base line.

    Sadly it will fall on deaf ears.
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    I'd play it

    I'd 100% buy the games 2, 3, and 4 (Probably 1, but 4 and 3 were my favs) if there would be a proper remake again, one of the games I used to love as well, cossacks have made "cossacks 3" a while back with some good support, updates, DLC and everything but it plays basically exactly the same as it used to, and me and other fans are loving it.

    There's nothing like the old school settlers games. add mod support/workshop, support up to win10 and higher resolution, a good map editor and ways to change variables,and keep a small team of devs working on it for a few years to add and fix content and you've got yourself a really, really good game.
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