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    Mission Master trophy glitch

    I've completed all of the missions but the Mission Master trophy did not pop. The cartel destabilization is at 109% and all missions are showing as being completed. I suspect this may have something to do with the mission "Boat Ride", under El Cerebro, because sometimes when I fast travel the soldiers have the conversation about that mission. I must have heard it 100 times now even though I finished it a long time ago and it shows as being completed. I've tried replaying that mission but it did not help. If an Ubisoft rep is reading this, I could upload my saved data to you to examine. I have a copy of my game at 100% and have another copy in USB storage with one mission left that I saved. I'm playing on the PS4. Please fix this so I can finish the platinum!
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    Thank you for your report on this, nychris! Platinum trophies are extremely coveted, so I absolutely understand wanting to snag it. I've seen this particular issue mentioned a few times previously and have passed it along to the team for further investigation.
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    Thank you, Ubi-Iudex. If there is anything that I can do to help you troubleshoot this please let me know.
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    Thanks to VindettvhOG I was able to get both the Mission Master and platinum trophy in about 2 minutes. If you replay each mission one after the other the trophy will pop when you get to whatever mission(s) you are missing. You don't have to actually play the missions, just replay each mission one after the other until you get it. Once I clicked replay mission for "El Pulpo's Right Hand Man" the trophies popped.

    No thanks to Ubisoft who didn't even respond to the support ticket I opened 9 days ago.
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    Ubisoft and Trophies

    Dear Ubisoft,

    That's now the second game where I have problems to get a trophy, you have to check you system because you are the only brand where I have so many problem.
    In this case I got the same as the player above, Master Mission don't spawn but I have done everything.

    It's really annoying that you provide so many good games, but all those fails made your game a "don't want to play because of rages".

    Please take care about everything of your games and not only the "show off".

    Thank you
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