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    Looking for an active team to join and players to add!

    I am level 30, legendary, and have pretty much the whole game beaten besides a few challenges. I played the closed alpha, closed beta, & open beta before the game released, so one can say I'm a pretty big fan and enjoy playing it a lot.

    My Steam is: VailValleySkier
    My Ubisoft is: VailValleySkier

    I am looking to join a team if there are any recruiting. I haven't had time due to skiing in real life to make any worthwhile edits or whatnot, but here are some sick screenshots of some cool moments from the last few days. The weather here is terrible, so I'll probably be playing more often.

    I am on PC btw.


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    Terrible!? What, you don't like skiing in 60 degree weather Its scary how crappy it is out there....we may not last the whole way here on the west end. Yikes!

    PS: Buy a PS4 so we can shred!
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    I'll add you- I'm in the same boat, probs not up to a team though!

    uplay: kingkonrad1
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