I am playing pop t2t and throughout the entire game whenever the prince goes dark and i have to run a wall using the chain in his arm on the lamps, is asthough it is short, the prince never reaches the other end, or the jumper thing or whatever it is i have to reach. It happened first before the first carriage ride, it took me hours to get past that lamp to jump to a chain and go down. It happened later on the temple and it took my hours and a reload of a previews save to get past the second lamp and to the first jumper thing, even so, when i finally managed it was kinda glitchy, he never reached the first jumper but somehow he jumped. Whenever i run to a ledge using the chain on the lamp he reaches it after a few tries and with a glitchy sort of move. Right now i am having troubles in the well of the ancestor, right at the begining, he doesnt reach the ledge at the other side, ive been forever at it and he just doesnt run far enough. Ive read that people have troubles at the temple too and that they changed the v-sync to fix it, problem is that i am playing on a ps3 (the trilogy, remastered HD collection) and i dont see that option anywhere, maybe is just a computer option, i dont know.
Is the chain In his arm bugged? Or the lamps? Can it be fixed? Or maybe i just dont know how to used it. Any tips, advises, ways to fix the possible bug?
Help please, is getting tiring that i have to reapeat any lamp parts for hours.