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    I have a 150mbps connection, still get disconnections, all other games no problem at all, its the game not people connections.
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    Did they say in the stream that there would be a patch this week other than these maintenance ones?
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    Honestly thats it for me, i quit with for honor.

    Every time they go for maintenance, i can hardly finish any 4v4 games afterwards at all.

    It´s come down to just doing orders as far as possible - but enjoying the game with friends? Not a chance!
    It´s just not possible to stay in a group trough out multiple games.

    Even tho the connection seems to be more stable when i play on my own now, it feels like rubberbanding extreme.
    Beeing guard broken while my heavy hits the opponent in the face causing my heavy not to register or opponents countering a gb almost 2 full seconds later.
    Like they added a massive delay onto everything.
    I am on a 50 mbit fibre connection in northern germany and this is the first and only game i ever had/have trouble with.

    Now with all the other games beeing released i dont see ANY reason to stay with for honor, even tho, i enjoyed the beta and the first half of my 100 hours of gameplay quite well.

    Maybe wait 6 months and have another go at it, i dont know - i am just dissapointed.
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    Originally Posted by XJadeDragoonX Go to original post
    I love how everyone blames the servers for their woes but I barely ever have any disconnections. Maybe one or two a day which is absolutely within an acceptable range. Get better internet
    So this is your solution? Get better internet? Think about it: if a player can play with some rare disconnects (that happens from time to time, no issue), after the patch the disconnections increase massive, so that every second match (or even every match!) you can't get in a match or get kicked off in the middle, than the issue can not be the internet connection.

    I know what I am talking about, I have the knowledge. Do you have?
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