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    Patch notes for the balance changes?????
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    I really love this game and have been in every stage of testing since beta.

    I just really want to play and hope its allfixed soon.
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    was the game suppose to disappear from my games list on uplay?
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    Base Campers

    We need new afk system for base campers.
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    network error

    please use the same time to fix your disconnection issues for good, we would rather you take a day to fix it all than to add new emotes and try to clean up the servers 1 hour per week without resolution. try harder, keeping our faith in ubisoft till it lasts..
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    Originally Posted by SpaceElephant Go to original post
    March 16th 2017 - Routine backend maintenance / New weekly content

    Tomorrow morning we will perform a routine maintenance on our online infrastructure at 8AM EST for an estimated downtime of 1h45. This maintenance will be backend only, and we will use this time to update the game with the new weekly content.
    Thats great but this game needs dedicated servers, or you will lose your player base and the game will die!!!! I played both the closed and open beta and pre-ordered the gold edition as was impressed with the game, but 1 month after launch, am dissapointed, Matchmaking takes far to long, then you get in matches that constanly lag, then get disconnected, that has been every night since launch and i have played every day since got it. TOP PRIORITY IMO

    Then you can sort out the stupid unbalanced unblockable spammers it takes no skill and is ruining the game.
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    Originally Posted by Eppela Go to original post
    please fix the (black screen) freeze after round/end match bug introduced with 1.03 patch (described here http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...ish-1-03-patch 13 pages and no ubisoft response)
    Hi Eppela,

    Thanks for your message. It's been forwarded on to our teams, and they're investigating.

    Originally Posted by To_Obi Go to original post
    Patch notes for the balance changes?????
    Hi To_Obi,

    No balance changes this time, it was just a routine maintenance that we also used to roll out the new emotes shown on Tuesday.
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    once in awhile you find a good match up with brilliant opponents but we forget the greatest one of all.. "the w. t. f network error"
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    Every time the matchmaker does its job and actually finds a pretty balanced game (1/20 times) it ALWAYS disconnects. Every. Single. Time.
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    What's this new weekly content then?
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