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    Originally Posted by FredEx919 Go to original post
    Can you let us know which platform and game mode you are playing when getting this?
    I play on xbox 1 and have been unable to finish matches in skirmish, elimination and dominion. So far the only matches I can play are single player duels against Ai.
    My NAT is open and I have never had an issue before with disconnects other than the ones caused by players force quiting.
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    4 games and just got this error in elimination 0006000039
    i play on the p4
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    hoped back into another game and got the same error
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    I still can't get into the game - let alone play.

    Games telling me that the servers are currently unavailbable on start up.

    Exactly the same as during the last server 'maintenance' that resulted in me not being able to play for several hours.

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    And the same...many disconnetions. More thn it was.
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    If you're running into an issue following the maintenance, let us know the platform, game mode, and error code if you have it as well. I'll be able to send the details over to check into.
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    After today's 1pm update, I have had the following issues (I am playing on PC).

    * Elimination, P vs. AI. The game hangs at the black screen at the end of the match (as described in this thread http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...ish-1-03-patch)
    * Dominion, P vs. AI. During the match, the game hangs for several seconds then crashes me back to the desktop.

    The game was restarted after the 1pm update. The black screen issue is the first time that's happened to me and the game freeze and crash was the first time since 1.03 came out.
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    PC, dominion. No error codes, the game simply freezes at the end of the match just when a "victory" should pop up.
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    FredEx919, I have a new problem after this update on XBOX ONE.. After some time my controller doesn't respond! Only in this game! I still can only push main xbox button and navigate in dashboard! Other games works great without problems with controller.
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    Originally Posted by FredEx919 Go to original post
    Hello Warriors,

    We are aware that some players are experiencing errors that are causing disconnects in multiplayer matches. Our team has identified a bug causing some of the #6000018 and #6000039 errors. We are deploying a fix today at 1PM EST on all platforms to fix this bug and improve match stability. Maintenance should last around 10-15min. Our team will monitor how these changes affect the player experience in addition to investigating other causes of player disconnects.

    Please note that this fix introduces a graphical glitch for the Conqueror weapon during his death animation. This glitch will be fixed in an upcoming update.

    update: make sure to restart the game after the maintenance
    Thanks for the update.

    Just curious though, this is not the update they mentioned in the live stream though right?
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