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    Myst III: Exile DVD gives me M3.exe error

    I know there's a patch for this on the CD versions, but I've got the DVD which tells me I have Version 1.27. I'm running a Windows 10, but I was able to get Myst, Riven, and Revelation working using the compatibility settings. I really loved Exile and as you can see, I'm trying to go thru the games again. I would really like to solve this issue. I'll answer any questions you may have.
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    Welcome to the Forums!

    In general,
    -- a. Install Exile to your C: drive.
    ----- 1. If you have a very small C: that's reserved for system files only, install Exile to D:.
    ----- 2. Do NOT install the game to an external drive, either USB or E-SATA.
    -- b. Start Exile from a fresh boot.
    ----- 1. Reboot, log into Windows with full Administrator privileges, and close all open applications. (Open the Control Panel, and select User Accounts. Your User Name should show Administrators under Group.)
    ----- 2. Disable all anti-virus/spyware/adware/pop-up programs running in the background.
    ----- 3. If you have only a software firewall (ZoneAlarm, for example), do NOT disable it!
    ----- 4. Do NOT run any other programs before starting Exile.
    -- c. Do NOT boot up with a CD or DVD in any drive.
    -- d. If the Exile disc autostarts when you insert it into the drive, cancel back to the Desktop.
    -- e. Start the game using the Exile icon on the Desktop, NOT the menu item on the Exile disc.
    ----- 1. Except if the game won't start using the Desktop icon - see below.

    Do a Google search for Myst III: Exile on Windows 10 -- lots of info.

    If you've had no success with doing everything under "In general", above, probably the least time-consuming and most-reliable way to get Exile to run on Win 10 is by using a Virtual Machine (VM).

    -- For a VM tutorial, see Wikipedia: Virtual machine.
    -- For an excellent "using a VM with Exile" How-to, see How to run Myst III: Exile on Windows 10. Read everything, and read it carefully! Especially the M3.exe file update comment at the very end.
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    still not working

    I did everything you suggested, but all that happens is a blank window opens up and music from the game plays. It's really nice, but not exactly what I was going for. Also a black "status window" opens. This has all been made more difficult by the fact that my desktop is not connected to the internet. I only can connect on my tablet with generic wifi and any transfer of files happens when I transfer something from my tablet to my phone then to the desktop (it won't recognize my tablet in a usb connection).

    The Black Window has an error report WARNING: GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two is not available.!

    Also I'm running Windows 10 on an old 2007 computer. Any suggestions?
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    To be certain that we're on the same page, are the problems you're describing in your post today the result of installing a VM and then installing Exile on the VM?
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    Yes, same page

    I installed the ResidualVM software (the stable version) and what I described is the result.
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    Unfortunately, your basic problem is most likely an old 2007-vintage tablet in combination with Windows 10. (Especially if you really do mean tablet and not laptop.) Do a Google search for Can My PC Run Windows 10 for ways to check.

    Is your desktop perchance a better fit with Win 10?

    That aside, instead of transferring files to your desktop via tablet-phone-desktop, a better method is downloading the file(s) to be transferred to a thumb drive and from that to the desktop. This takes the phone out of the loop.


    1. "Updates to the M3.exe file may be needed and can be found on the ResidualVM website." Try downloading the updated M3.exe file and installing it.

    2. The "GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two is not available" error sounds like a driver problem. Try going to the manufacturer of your tablet (laptop...?) and downloading/updating all appropriate (especially audio and video) drivers to the latest available. Reboot after installing each driver.
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    If I had the resources for the thumb drive I would definitely go that route. Even my phone and service I qualified for free.

    I'm not running the Myst games on my tablet, which I got in 2015, but the tablet is the only way I connect to the web (via free wifi).

    1. The Exile updates were only for the CD version (upgrading that to version 1.22). My DVD version is 1.27 and is not supposed to have the DRM problems the CD was shipped with.

    2. Since my desktop can't connect to the internet, updating the drivers is harder than it looks.

    I don't understand why I can run Revelation (Myst IV) and Riven (II), but not Exile (III). I appreciate your attempts to help me out, Thank You.
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    "I don't understand why I can run Revelation (Myst IV) and Riven (II), but not Exile (III)." Revelation and Riven are NOT the same thing as Exile, and should not be considered as such!

    Exile has historically been a problem to run, from the standpoint of software and hardware system demands. A machine that could run Revelation and Riven could often not run Exile. Sounds like your desktop simply doesn't have the resources for Exile.

    Free is good in many cases, but here -- it just don't feed the bulldog.

    Until, as at least a first pass, you can connect your desktop to the Internet, you're probably Sorta Outa Luck (SOL) regarding Exile.
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    For the Edification of Others

    I have done some more research on the error and apparently the Intel integrated graphics chipset in my desktop doesn't support the Open GL that the Residual VM needs. That's might be why Exile won't work in the first place.

    There are no upates to drivers that will help me. Possibly figuring out if I could install a graphics card and if so what kind would help, but I did try that once and neither my or my IT friend could see if or how that could be done. Stupid HP computer. It's ironic that the older computer I bought in 2002 and have since let go could play all the Myst games just fine.

    I'm sorry that my assumption that since my system supported both the newer Revelation and the older Riven games, Exile should be supported as well, irritated you. That was certainly not my intent. It was said only in ignorance.

    Also the free comment was out of line. I was just trying to explain my current (much reduced) circumstances. My desktop was not free when I bought it by any means and even if it was, scorn is not the appropriate response. Being poor shouldn't disqualify me from asking for and receiving help.

    That said, the rest of your assessment was spot on. My desktop doesn't have the resources to support Exile and until things change, I am indeed SOL.

    Thanks for your time and help in understanding the situation even if nothing else was possible.
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