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    wait till he races me, ill make him throw his controller through his tv! lol love racing dirty!
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    well this is my troll acc. i use this acc when i feel like doing some trolling & let me tell u its so funny when get into a lobby & see your friends in it & when the race starts ill just sit back & follow them & when i think its the right time ill just pass them & see if they can catch me sometimes they do only because I'm laughing so hard i wreck my self but when i win they get so mad that they'll send hate message .but till this day they still don't know who i am ..but it makes them think twice the next time a bronze jumps into the lobby cause you never know if thats a legit bronze or someone trolling them ...& MOXXOR I'm glad you beat that guy he's nothing more then a cry baby...
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    Alot of people think they can drive until they meet their maker pretty much. I don't get much reaction when doing the crates on PC when people barely can keep up. oh well beggars can't be choosers. I might play PVP to see what its like but i doubt it.
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