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    I'd like the SVU just figured they wouldn't go for it since the SVD is in the game. Never been a big fan of the F2000 personally, it has some pretty big flaws like only ejecting the shells after a number rounds have been fired (around 4-5 if I recall correctly) causing the rifle to be inoperable if the shells can't exit the tube that they sit in. Other thing is getting to any of the internals if there is a malfunction is not practical so clearing a malfunction may not be a viable option in combat.
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    Originally Posted by ridered28 Go to original post
    Or Ghost 416, the Goblin could actually be the PSG sun just with a 9mm. Idk, thought the barrel is a little lone on the 416.
    It's not. Completely different receiver and handguard designs.

    Originally Posted by Soap699 Go to original post
    Its a Game, having one of those guns wouldn't blow up the world. relax bud. Also it's spelt ******ed not retarted.

    And I love how you called me or anyone else stupid because of their ideas and suggestion's. Its a game ******* the world doesn't revolve around you and your thoughts. So what if the An-94 or the XM8 get added, its not gonna do any harm and if you don't like those don't use them. It's that simple.
    I've never been a big fan of the XM8 personally, but if Ubi did choose to offer it, I would want this version.

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    An FN 2000

    And an MP5-K PDW. They wouldn't even have to make an entirely new SMG. All they'd need to do is make a short-barrel for the MP5 that cosmetically changes the front to have the snub-nose of an MP5-K

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    M&P pistols
    Benelli M1014
    The Governor w/410 shot
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    Different ammo types for the shotguns so as to make them more versatile. Right now I never use the shotguns because they are useless at the ranges combat in this game takes place in.
    They could add the usual ammo types features in games, like flechettes, slugs etc, but also add beanbags. Yeah I'm serious. With the beanbags you could knock out fleeing lieutenants or other HVTs.
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    I wanted to see the MK18 CQBR in the game, defo the best rifle for this kind of game. I also think it wouldnt hurt to put in some glocks and possible expand the amount of snipers with higher calibers like the cheytec intervention. But the MK18 is a must for the game!!
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    Just a few things.

    First off and most importantly, a new weapon category for the following current weapons:

    Battle Rifles -

    Mk17, Mk14, SR-25, G-28, and Draganov (SVD)

    These guns kind of stand out from their current weapon categories as different. The Sniper Rifles among this list have Underbarrel and Side-Barrel attachments where the rest of the Sniper Rifles don't. Their rate of fire and fire selection also demand a lot more ammunition than the snipers do. Mk-17 also straddles the line of being a Sniper Rifle, almost to the point of being better than the others listed here through its stats alone, let alone its ammo capacity.

    Second is some changes to a few current guns.


    Mid-range optics please? ACOG, Digi, RDS + G33.
    Silencers for more than just the Stoner.


    A rebalance pass, these things are unusable for most players, they really need a tighter overall grouping across the board.


    The ability to choose not-block suppressors? M1911 and M9 look terrible with them.
    The Addition of some Double Stack Magazines for these. Not all of us enjoy the 5 extra inches of metal hanging off our hand and until PvP is a thing (Please no) There's no point in making extended magazines for these so obvious.

    Stampede Sniper Rifle:

    Fix this gun. Its not zeroed correctly so you can't hit crap without learning where its 'real' sight picture is.


    The Buttplate extended to the actual usable setting, not the storage setting. Thanks.

    Finally, NEW GUNS YAY

    This, first.


    FAL models
    M5K (As Sidearm)
    A Non-Exclusive M870
    M72 LAW
    Car Gustaf RR
    Colt Navy
    Remington Model 1858
    G-17/G-20 Pistol
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    Pistols: Glock 18C; 50 BMG Revolver (exotic)
    Sniper: Barrett M82 (w/ bipod)
    AR: M16A1
    LMG: M60
    SMG: UMP .45
    Shotgun: Bullpup Saiga-12
    Attachments: Grenade Types for Launcher (Thermobaric, Riot, Buckshot)
    Equipment: Anti-personal Mines (Claymore, Bouncy Betty)
    Vehicle Weapon: Mark 19
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    KNIVES! KNIVES! KNIVES! A Crossbow for fun. They cover most modern rifles except some shotguns, but fixing current immaculate ballistics compared to actual specs of real version of weapons would go a long way. I made a thread for Ballistic Innacuracy to list and note weapon and why. I started with PS90 vs Vector 45. Vector has in game higher accuracy and range yet P90 uses a 5.7mm rifled hyper velocity round 2400fps vs .45 Subsonic Ammo 900-1350fps of Vector. P90 far surpasses range and accuracy of Vector but not in this game.
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    DLC weapons I want to see.

    Glock 17,20,21,22,31
    Sig P320 all calibers
    Desert Tech MDR with caliber exchange kits
    Tavor X95 possible in 300AAC to make it different then the Tavor in game.
    UTAS UTS-15 12g bullpup shotgun
    Keltec KSG
    Standard Manufacturing DP-12 12GA
    M&P pistols
    FNH FNX pistols
    Sig 220 10mm
    CHIAPPA RHINO 40DS 4" Revolver
    Xm556 electric micro Gatling gun
    All I can come up with at the moment. But I think it's a good start
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