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    Glock 17,20,21,22,31
    I don't think we need that many. One full size model and one compact model would be enough, IMO.

    Sig P320 all calibers
    One P320 is enough. And since there are plenty of .45s in the game already, it should be the 9mm version.

    Desert Tech MDR with caliber exchange kits
    Gunsmith isn't deep enough to feature caliber conversions and no simple patch would be enough to change that. They'd have to rebuild it from scratch

    Xm556 electric micro Gatling gun
    Don't you think that's a little too OTT? This is Ghost Recon, not Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row.
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    AR-15 Beowulf ( most fun I have had with my AR in the real world )
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    yes, my suggestion would be as follows

    1st addition "SEARCH AND DESTROY" missions. rebels spotted patroling enemies in a Location A and there is a radius marker where you can search. big enough to go for to give room for searching

    2nd. Addition "KILL/CAPTURE AN OFFICER/LEUTENANT/ETC. AND EXTRACT". this would be another random variety of a Mission where you can get the Mission to kill or capture. the Capture idea is really well for the immerson of stealth, because if the Captain/Officer/Leutenant gets in struggle he flees from the outpost, so it is a little force to go sneaky for it and then if you captured you have to extract to the next SAFE ZONE!

    3rd Addition "RESCUE HOSTAGES FROM EXECUTION" this is a really good immersion like in Far cry 4. you have to keep killing 6 MAIN Enemies that are around the hostages. additionally there are others around. but these 6 are in Order to kill if time is over OR if they are alarmed what gives you the force to go sneaky and fast against them

    4rth. Addition "REBEL OPS" these missions are assistant missions for Defending a Place or a Skirmish against enemies or for an Assault to an Outpost. the best thing would be if some REbels could be Captured in a CONVOY where you this tim HAVE TO capture the Convoy in one peace and EXTRACT to a SAFE ZONE!! this would give the game more varieties after playing through the game. it would be a great addition for the ENDGAME + Feature.

    5th. Addition "CONTROL BOLIVIA" back to Endgame + it would be a good Longlivity feature if you could capture/lose outposts. if you help rebels in an assault these outposts are from now on in the hands of them. if you dont help for defending it is a chance of 75 % that they lose this ones again. it would give a new feeling to get a sense clearing out outposts. but they are always overtakeable back. and if they overtook this back in the next 30 minutes they are immune from overtaking and can reinforce their patrols. till the next assault.

    these are only suggestions for the longlivity of the game. it would inbound the ghosts to have something to do and to reach after killing EL SUENO!! they have to be endless and get the Random feature like in other UBISOFT TITLES ! always the same CONVOY at the same route and always the main stories at the same location even the side missions always same (Not replayable though) is too repetitive. UBISOFT made it well in some other titles (Watch dogs 1/2, Farcry 3/4/Primal, Assassins Creed Unity/Syndicate) the game is the biggest open world they ever created so the game should be the best featured and filled the ever did.

    but i have hope that the Devs could give some infos about the future Updates and not only PVP / DLCs. hope at least they take these suggestions to implement for the DLCs which i even think they will not do!! i hope more for free updates to improve the open world, the HEART of this game!!
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    Some of these are great suggestions! Thank you!
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    hope the hk416 will be added to the game
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