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    this is seriously getting so annoying. Ive been trying for months now to communicate with others on r6 siege. it shows my name when activating voice chat in game, but no one can hear me, my mic works perfectly fine! ive been searching for weeks now how to fix this issue and nothings worked. I've uninstalled the game and Uplay itself and reinstalled. doesn't work, disabled all other mics and playback devices, doesn't work, reset all default settings in game doesn't work, did all the suggestions in the realtek audio HD manager, still nothing! this is just getting frustrating, all I want to do is be able to communicate in a game that's all about communication.... WTF SOMOENE HELP!!!!!!!!
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    Push to talk works in every other game and discord, just not R6 Siege

    Please tell me there is a quick fix for this? It has ALWAYS worked (since beta). Now it doesn't. I can see my name in the game but nobody can hear me. I try push to talk in Overwatch, works great, Discord works great!

    No settings have changed. I have tried troubleshooting to no avail.

    Please offer suggestions.
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    Still not working....White noise update?

    IGV still not working for RB6. Why did they remove the settings in the first place? I have a mixer I run my mic through. I have it set to default coms but rb6 is so **** it doesnt register it as my mic. Maybe they'll fix it with the upcoming White noise DLC for rb6...I doubt it tho...Any way to go through local game files to fix the problem?
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