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    What kinds of PC controllers can I play with?

    Yo! Finally got my hands on a copy of WatchDogs, lovin' it! Thing is I'm stuck playing with my mouse, I don't mind but it can be a bit cumbersome when you want to move a little more effortlessly, I want to get a new controller, mines is who knows how old and doesn't seem to be compatible, I'm sure that the drivers are up to date as it plays other recent games fairly well. I want to get an Xbox360 PC controller but I'm in no hurry as I've actually sold all of the 360's that I've owned and do not feel like being bothered further. What other controllers does this game work with besides the "recommended" 360 controller because I don't have time to be going back and forth for new ones if the one that I pick doesn't work. Support says that the list is vast, can I get some ballparks on some which are compatible?
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    Hey oGeesKeeMasK11!

    Xbox 360 controller is recommended WD MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS
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    I only use mouse or keyboard only no additional controllers needed
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