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    Extending the "Call to Dominion" Event Order

    Hey Warriors,

    We'll be extending the "Call to Dominion" Event Order that is currently running so it will finish on Thursday at 8pm EST (01:00 UTC) because we made an error calculating the goal threshold on each platform. Even with the wrong target set, we've been impressed that you all have actually come quite close to reaching the goal! Apollyon would be pleased with your continued dedication to endless war.

    Note: you'll receive your rewards as soon as it completes if it's before the Thursday end time.
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    I don't believe you've made any error, but I appreciate you actually making it so we'll get it. It would be a shame if we failed so close to getting it. Thanks
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    you can do that in the blink of a eye how about some char balance i.e make the slow supposed heavy hitters (conq shugoki) hit harder than the assasins.
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    Good and thank you! Shameif that would be gone for a few measly points mostly because of bad matchmaking and gear imbalances forcing players to quit. I myself left a fewtimes because of too much imbalance. Getting hit once and lose 80% of your health, only because not being geared with a new character (Valkyrie) because of peoplegaining easy revengemeter values from injury is not okay... You should not be rewarded for being bad. On that note I will also notify that my K/D/A has fallen with almost 0,6 because of that ...so please DON´T force us to WAIT FOR THAT PATCH TOO LONG!
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    Actually, we should have different events, dominion gets to boring.
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    Because we made an error calculating the goal threshold on each platform.
    BS. Only error here is horrific webcode you have running. Please take responsibility and make dedication to fixing it.
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    Mistake on deadline.. Riggghhttt...

    I am sure you guys made a mistake on deadlines, and it has nothing to do with playerbase having bled more than half of its population. After all that had nothing to do with online player count being removed from Social tab.

    Also the event mode id Dominion, one of the modes that is most prone connection errors.

    This event was clearly going to be community PR ads showing how much activity game has, I hope this failure makes you realize how poorly it is doing.

    Unless you fix connectivity issues, you may give a full month for the next event, or erase a 0 from the event goal.
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    What I found most peculiar was that the order was precisely the same as in open beta. Even with the exact same amount of games needed.
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    Jesus christ people!!

    Quit trashtalking their reason for extending the event and just be happy it happened...
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    PVE part?

    Hello everyone.

    For the time being, I (and my friends) usually stick to PVE part of the game. We play PVP, occasionally - duel, brawl, 4v4 elimination only. Mainly because other 4v4 game modes are a mess usually - not really looking for 1v4 and such situations ... Just my preference, not going to explain it further. So let's say there will be some similar order in the future. Would it be possible to make it Dominion PVP/PVE order? So nobody is forced to go for a pvp, and those numbers would go up a lot quicker. Just a thought.

    Have a lovely day, most importantly, have fun playing!
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