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    Just a few minutes ago, I played a Skirmish match to complete a contract order. Full PvAI, freezed at the end. So force-quit, restart, play Skirmish again in full PvAI. Freeze again. Yes, 2 freezes in a row in PvAI. It's easy to rack up played hours like this
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    Update: it still happens

    The new no-revenge Brawl mode froze between rounds. Played Dominion more, there weren't any problems.

    It still happens, only a bit rarer I think?
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    Same here, it still happens at the end of rounds.

    Hope they will fix it next patch.
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    As for me it was better. But after the last patch every second match freezes. I guess they messed it up... again.
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    Well just to keep that stuff floating. That's just plainly ridiculous. If I were to point 1 thing that would be keeping me from buying any UBI game in future would be this bug. We are struggling with that for over half year. Get Your stuff together please.

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    Still happens after last patch. Only hope for dedicated servers, I think this will solve the problem.
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    Is anyone able to finish even one halloween event match? I had 4 crashes in round end in row. That about demotaving.
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    Ok, as for today game is unplayable for me. 4 attempts and 4 crashes. I really hope that the data gathered by this and reddit forums will helps devs, but it's been really too long...
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