The netcode that Ubisoft has put together is absolutely brilliant and it's really sad and pathetic to see everybody so quick to throw stones at it... yes, clearly it is something of an experimental technology and For Honor is basically their "testing ground" for it, likely because a game like this actually calls for this type of technology
Maybe if other companies would get a clue and invest time into trying to perfect this new technology, we wouldn't have to deal with crappy lag compensation, rubber-banding and horrible lag which are commonplace in both dedicated server networks AND traditional P2P networks...
Ok, I will make a new drug for your borthers or mother, experimental, I won't tell you how much it sucks and that your family could die, but you'll pay me like $60 each. When they die cuz the drug is horrible and you come back crying, I will tell you "SORRY WE WERE EXPERIMENTING ON A NEW TECHNOLOGY OF DOOM INVENTIONS AND EVERY OTHER COMPANY SHOULD SELLOUT THEIR EXPERIMENTS SO WE CAN CARRY OUR NEW TECHNOLOGIES ON SHOULDERS OF OUR CUSTOMERS AND THER ****ING MONEY". you ****ing moron, if you had any clue how about what you are talking about.

YOU DON'T experiment with customers time and money, go **** yourself with alpha and spend tons of your own money on our alpha-beta testing groups and improve before you release something super broken and sell it out. I am sick of you smartass morons who figured out couple of fancy tech stuff and got their nerdy ****s hard thinking how they will reinvent something that works perfectly fine on other products.

It is a shame people like you exist, because they are the ones that make GREAT games like this: DIE! With your moronic ideology of innovation which you have no clue about. Sorry to break it to you, but inventing something new is not as easy as throw it to others as an experiment, it costs and takes a lot more than that and if you are not willing to risk your own *** for it, you will ultimately fail, just like this awesome game will die in agony cuz'guess WHY? Nobody can play it because of experimental **** nobody cares about. Now have your experiements boys and have fun with them, cuz' we are ****ing out.