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    Prince of Persia Kindred Blades

    Hi, is there any edition of POP kindred blades please guide me to that edition where to find everywhere i find it is The T2T.
    Where to buy prince of persia kindred blades.
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    Kindred Blades was never released. The Two Thrones was released instead of it.
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    Kindred Blades was the earlier concept of what became the Two Thrones. It was supposed to be much darker and more like Warrior Within. In retrospect, I think it looks like it was going to be a better game than T2T turned out to be. There were rumors for awhile that it was going to be released as sort of an "alternate timeline" sequel to WW, due to the somewhat lukewarm response to T2T and subsequent downward spiral of the franchise. But, if I remember correctly, what people thought was going to be Kindred Blades was actually The Forgotten Sands.
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