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wow, anyway talking to myself here...
4 years later? and I finally finished it…

A nice game that sadly won't have a sequel. Anything could had happened that would lead to him abandoning all he's gears for someone to find it rather than presume the worst.

My favourite part of the game is the climbing puzzles. Especially where u have multiple ways to get to the same spot.

Dunno what'll happen if Assassin's Creed is limited by stamina climbing, lol

Can compare which is faster or more effective. Like in the mall. There's two ways up, one with spending resources and the other not at all and able to get more stuff.

<span style="font-family: Calibri">

The Mall: Reach the telescope
1:36 Shimmey under the billboard (4secs to grab water)
1:16 Climb up using a Piton (16-20 secs faster)

1st Jerrcan Can
0:17 Safe path
0:17 Drop grab

Return to tram
0:36 Move Forward
0:39 Look Back

Reach the grapple
00:30 Pipes
00:38 Monkey Bars (Bullet bonus)

Get to the top
00:49 ???

Slide or Drop
00:43 Dropping window to window
00:27 Sliding down a pipe

Get out of skyscrapper
01:21 Elavator
01:10 Ladder

01:01 Gun em Down
00:59 Round track

Here's a video of locations with different paths. I watched someone do a speedrun and found some paths he took isn't the shortest but as a whole the fastest i can find on YouTube mainly because he kills and used some glitches.
I'm not going to compete with that run, don't have much time to spend on it but I'll make my own casual speedrun with the survival difficulty to get the remaining achievements.

I tried making one without glitches and still conserve ammo. Doing so made me realise there are stealth elements in it too. Sneak up and takedown from behind, kill someone as bait, etc.

Hold em up is nice too. Different reaction, surrender or call our bluff.
Barely used the shotgun but when I did, it was lucky they we're all close together. Didn't realise there was a spread shot.

For a story and all victim rescue, Here's my playlist.