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    Any Chance of a Switch release?

    Hey Ubisoft,

    Well, I want to start by saying that this game looks awesome, and I'd love to play it sometime after it comes out.

    Since this game and The Stick of Truth are already available on XBox and Playstation systems, I was wondering if there was any chance of the games coming to the Nintendo Switch, since it looks to be a much more powerful system than the Wii-U, with a lot more potential.

    If you guys make it happen, that's pretty much a guaranteed purchase of The Fractured But Whole for me, since it's the only current-gen gaming system I'm interested in. I see your company is already supporting the Switch, right from launch with Just Dance 2017. Some South Park games would go a long way in creating a fun and diverse lineup of third-party games on that system.

    Please make it so!?

    ~ Andrew
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    Hi everyone!

    I have preordered Nintendo Switch and I am very interested in this game. I also have a PS4 and a PC gamer, but I prefer to have the chance of playing this game everywhere. I am from Spain and many people will support N. Switch in my country. If I could choose, I would buy all the games for Switch. Even more, there are games that I would only buy for Switch. I know that you are the third party that offer a bigger support to Nintendo and I appreciate it. I hope you can release this game, and many others, in Switch. By the way, I am very excited with Raymand Legends for Switch. I have already played it in PS Vita and PS4, but it's one of my favourite platform games, so I will buy it again!

    Regards. Rafael.
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    Hi Ubisoft
    Please please please port the Fractured But Whole to the Switch!
    This system is the only one where I can reliably play games because I can't play at home that much, and having south park with me anywhere I go would be a dream come true.
    Also Thank you for bringing more games to the system, I look forward to playing Mario+Rabbids, it looks like a lot of fun!
    I beg of you.
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