I have now extensively played HAWX 2 and like it much better (and find it more demanding) than HAWX. Only the (in my view extraordinarily important) acoustic missile warning signal I miss very much. In HAWX it has done a good job when you are very busy and distracted with your own combat situation. Because this warning signal is missing in HAWX 2, I have been shot down too often and too early.

Does anyone know a solution for this? How do you get such a warning signal back in HAWX 2? Or is it already there, but I have overlooked it?

Thank you in advance,

I found this 6 years old post at: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/99604...awx-2/56319618

"The HUD has some major problems with it, mostly omissions of several functions that are essential to a flight sim. The first being a missile warning alarm. When the enemy has a lock on you, a bit of red text shows up on the screen, and when the missile is actually fired you get a box on the upper right of the screen that shows a 3rd person shot of your plane, and the incoming missile, but when you’re dog fighting it is a pain to keep taking your eyes off your target to check to see if you’re about to get an AA missile slammed into you."

Unfortunately I had not read that earlier, otherwise I would not have bought HAWX 2. This is a very big failing with HAWX. And there was no update / fix for that since 2011 ????