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    Won't be buying HOMM VII

    I've bought and played every HOMM game since II. I was excited when HOMM VII was announced to be coming out, but when I saw the reviews I decided to wait. I figured, like most at the time, that the game was released too early, too unpolished, and that in time the bugs would be fixed and the game would be worth buying. I've been checking in on the game on my steam store page every 2-3 months only to find that the game is still fraught with bugs.

    And now it seems there will be no more patches to the game, which still has many bugs that should be embarrasing for a day 1 release, let alone a fully patched game thats been out for a year and a half.

    I know that its hard to make money making video games, and sometimes projects don't pan out the way you want it to. And, if that means they can't throw more money into fixing this game, then I can understand that.

    What disturbs me, though, is the complete lack acknowledgement on Ubisoft's part with respect to what has happened with this project. They charged premium dollar for a broken game, and now they are choosing not to fix that game and pretending like its all cool because they have a support team that can troubleshoot problems for players (which everyone knows will accomplish nothing, since these are documented bugs in the software code that the support team nor players can fix).

    At the very least, I expect acknowledgement from Ubisoft saying, "Hey, this project didn't live up to our standards, and we're sorry about that. We're going to take these steps to make sure this doesn't happen next time."

    Ubisoft wont be getting my $50 USB for HOMM VII, nor will it be getting that for any future game until Ubisoft can demonstrate they can treat their customers better than that.
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    We all wish that. However, Ubi will never do such a thing because they're too greedy and will anything for a buck. I can only hope people stop buying there games, they go bankrupt, and somebody buys the Heroes licence that actually cares about the games legacy and it's players.
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    Yeah, same here!

    I really, REALLY liked M&M:H6, and was so looking forward to M&M:H7, but there's no way I'm shelling out $50 for a game this buggy. Ubisoft is straight up throwing money away.
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    I lost my hard earned money, and I never played the game because it was never fixed to be playable. Shame that I let myslef tricked by UBI. Never again.
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    Hi mErEnEfErEee, if you have technical issues to the point of not being able to play the game, please contact our Support Team including a DxDiag report and MS info, so we can take a look.
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    This game was a cash grab, you can find it for 10 bucks now. They should remaster H4 and H5 just like with H3
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    They laugh at Yubisoft over our indignations!

    Their policy - to give the creation of the game to the students on outsourcing, was initially doomed to failure! Initially, they knew that this was a simple scam! Such a complex game could not be created in such conditions!
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    under 1Mb/s

    How come Ubi has become so full of bugs and slow?
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